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When life gets crazy.....push harder, or cry whichever.

It is completely insane to me how fast life can simply pass us by. All the plans we make and things we hope to do have seemed to fly right out the window this year. Starting a new job in the midst of a pandemic has proven to be stressful, yet rewarding. I don’t think a year ago anyone would have thought we would have still been wearing masks, schooling from home, or working from home still. So to say that life has gotten a little crazy is more then and understatement.  Last month we lost our best doggie friend Roy. We had him for 16 years and it created a whole I don’t think anyone has yet figured out how to fill. Of course you know the time is coming and you try to prepare yourself, but it’s just not that easy. The tears and begging god to give him more time were more then I could handle and despite everything around me that needed me I slipped into sadness. This morning I woke up feeling that things would be ok for the first time in a long time so here I am to let my heart heal. Duri