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One Week in Fostercare

 It’s amazing what one week can do :) well three days really, because that is what it took for her to start feeling like a real animal again. She still sleeps a lot and is very quite. I don’t think I explained a lot about her in my last post because I was, well mad. Honestly I am still bothered by the fact that so little was done for her. She could have been so much further in her recovery with proper care.  Her name is Little Lamb and by all figuring she is a double Merle or “lethal white” Australian Shepherd puppy. She is now about 4 months old the best we can tell. She has some vision issues and hearing issues which is very common with dogs like her. Although she does see and hear to some extent she will require a special home. Her skin is pure pink and her hair pure white, she has blue eyes that will melt your heart ❤️ she is sweet and calm by puppy standards.  She is still pretty itchy but it gets better every day, her fever has broke and she is eating like a monster. It is hard t

Mangy Little Lethal White Aussie

 Something I will never understand is how people can allow their animals to have puppies, watching them grow, and dumping them to die. I’ve been in rescue a long time and yet every day someone new surprises me with their heartlessness.  I’ve sat here the last 5 days thinking about a puppy I saw on a rescue page. Covered in fleas and ticks, most of her hair missing from mange. She was sunburn and filled with infection. It had been 5 days, surely she’s feeling better? Has a loving foster home? I reached out to the rescue for an update since I knew who owned it. I was shocked when she was in boarding not a home 😭 I decided she needed to come stay with us and heal.  A week has passed now and I picked her up, she’s terrified and weak. Barely able to muster the energy to crawl from her cage I try to hide my anger. Not at her but at the entire world that had failed her so badly the past few months. The shelter when she was picked up gave her the treatment for mange, and the rescue a bath, bu

Waffle Sticks

   So as you know my kids are older now. Sometimes that makes me sad 😢 but luckily they still love those special mommy treats! And recently I got a new pan so I could take them back a little further into childhood 😂 my waffle stick pan from Pampered Chef! With just a little pancake or muffin mix you can quickly make a fun handheld treat for your littles, or little at hearts.  You can your one HERE   I will be creating more with this pan so stay tuned for fun ideas with this and other Pampered Chef Products!