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So Many Changes, Where Do We Go?

It’s pretty crazy I started this blog years ago as a way to really help support my family. There was a lot of product reviews, paid ads,  articles that I never really read through but kind of copied and paste it, all as a way to help support my family. Over the last two years it’s kind of become a place where I can come and write my thoughts, no one who knows me I think even reads it anymore, so I feel like it’s a place where I can go, where there’s no judgment. No comments about maybe I should’ve done something different with my life. All those years in college and never use a degree, money spent, money wasted.
Over the last year we really found a lot I feel like in our home in Bosque Farms. We found happiness and peace, and most importantly I feel like we’ve learned love and beauty again. Over the last four months things have been pretty crazy if you think about it. The world is in a pandemic like they haven’t seen in over 100 years. People have died alone, healed alone, and lived alone. Well it seems like most of the world has done nothing but be alone, it’s also amazing to see it all this time alone has brought people closer together. I feel like it’s also probably help to show peoples true colors. Whether it’s your friends, who seem to be the most heartless and uncaring people you’ve ever met all of a sudden. Or your boss, whether he’s giving you hazard pay because you’ve been a loyal employee who is showing up every day during this, or he’s furloughed you have a without regards to how it’s going to affect your life, your family’s  life, or even the company would you work for.
August is going to bring a whole new set of changes, not only for our family, but families all around the globe. Many children will never see the inside of a classroom again, their last memory of a classroom will be leaving for spring break, all of their items tucked in the desk, ready for them to return. For those children who see is again, they are spaced out so that children can’t get too close to each other. The ones who return will be wearing masks, with barriers between them and their friends. There won’t be recess, PE may not exist, talking to your friends in the lunch line will be a thing of the past. Sometimes I’m not sure if those children are the lucky ones because they get to leave their house, or the ones that will suffer the most emotional damage because life is a child so that would be the same. We have decided with the input of our children that they will be maintaining online school. We pray that we are making the right choices as parents, but how do we know.
Another big changing coming is a new job, one that can actually become a career! I’ve worked at a plastics manufacturing plant, passed around to different positions like a cheap date. Tiny raises here and there. No matter how amazing you are, it’s never enough. The story of every employee there, high and low. My new position is with Fidelity and I super excited about a new opportunity, and new learning opportunities! With the pandemic at hand I will be starting this at home and transitioning into the office when the company feels it’s safe. So we pray and hope that all these choices are the right ones. That god leads us down the right path. For anyone who stops to read, if you need to vent please feel free.


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