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Help Gingered Blessings Start the Year off Right!

Many of you know that animal rescue is a passion of mine! I own Gingered Blessings animal rescue and we could really use some help. It has been a rough year and we are closed for intake till we can get some adoptions and get some bills paid off :( . Help us start the New Year fresh with Giving Grid. Don't forget about our adoption event his weekend at the tractor Supply in Levelland Texas Saturday 9am-4pm :)

Making the Shift

     Wow I can't believe I have been gone from this blog for 4 months. So much has happened both good and bad in those 4 months, but it is time to recommit myself to well me, and I want to take you along for the ride.         I sit here trying to think about what I should even say. Sometimes I laugh at my journey and sometimes I cry. As humans we sit and judge ourselves, you can look in a mirror and no matter how "perfect" you are according to society's standards you are bound to find something that you just do not like about yourself. It is human nature after all! I started my journey as a Beachbody coach about 2 years ago, and 12 pounds lighter then I am right now! I was looking back at my goal weight, my goal measurements, when I almost began to laugh. I thought I was "fat" and "out of shape" 2 years ago and 12 pounds heavier. Now I have to admit when I started The Shift Shop 2 weeks ago I hated myself, probably in every way. I was at my all t