Where have 6 months gone?!?!

     Life has been so crazy that I feel like I don't even know where the last 6 months have gone. Work, work, work, is all I feel that I have done. I have decided it was time to start doing things for me again! Working out, blogging, jsut enjoying my life :) obviously I must continue to adult and work still but I feel like I have lost me and need to get back tot aking care of me!


I would like to talk with my grandchildren. I have no idea how to get in touch with you. you know how depressed I get when I dont get to talk to them. you were gonna set up a facebook page so I could keep in touch with them, what happened to that and whose idea was it that I not be told they were here. I am the only one who has made an effort to see them and I have jumped through hoops for you what is up? I don't know what I ever did to you for you to treat me this way. Just because I don't have a lot of money. I don't do anything but stay "home" I am fat as a cow. going on another diet as usual. I have a right to know what is going on now that Kelvin is dead you have no valid excuse, (and they were all just excuses none of them valid) to keep me from them. What do I have to do so nI can see my babies I love them more than anyone and you are doing them a disservice to keep that from them. xoxo tell them GRANNY LOVES THEM ps I am going to TX soon to see them I want to be sure they are available
call me 505 261-9498.
Grand Parents should be able to see their grand kids. Especially good grandparents whose primary spiritual gift is the gift of love and non-judgement irreguardless of financial status. I am not a criminal and I don't have a criminal record. I was a victim of domestic violence years ago so I know how important real love can be. I am on disability so I don't have a lot of $, but anytime I had $ I used it to see my gbabies and I spent a small fortune on christmas presents that year. those kids would be better off with me IN their lives not OUT. someone who is on the kids side not mommies or daddy's or step-dads. what I have observed is that Nicholas gets left out and treated poorly for no reason. hopefully that has been resolved since the last time I saw them when my husband was in the hospital dying. around thanksgiving of 2013(he died !/24/2014). He was one of the best people in this world who wouldn't harm anyone unless they harmed someone he loved he even forgave my son for the horrible lies he told that had him in jail for 15 weeks. he was an amazing man. just saying

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