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Spinning, Spinning, Spinning..........

     Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like your life is just spinning and you want to throw up?? Yeah I will admit I have never been one for amusement park rides. With preparing to move, and my kids going back to public school it is all I can handle not to cry some days. :p Welcome to my rollcoaster ride. Hold on tight good stuff is happening :D

#21dayfix Meal Plan #LaborDayFix Week 1

Ok here we go for the first time in my life I have meal planned for a week! Shopping is done and I am ready for prep day tomorrow. The #LaborDayFix starts Monday and I am ready!  Yeah I used pen so we will have to forgive the spelling mistakes. Lol now unfortunately I am one of the people on the bottom level plan. Lol sorry carbs :p

#21dayfix round two is coming #labordayfix

Life has been crazy and changing so fast. I lost my best friend and kitty Ginger 9 days ago and it has spun me around. I started a journey towards getting healthy 17 days ago that I am actually sticking closely with for the first time. Probably ever. I was invited to join the program again but this time in a challenge. So I am busy meal planning an emotionally preparing for the #labordayfix challenge with friends on board and I am ready! I am down 3 pounds and 7 inches this round and can't wait to see the rest fly off! Join me as I document the ups and down of this challenge :)