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Why My Husband is a Real Dad


        My blog has been around for a while now, and I have tried to be as upfront as possible. Some of you have known me for years, while others have just found their way to my blog. I won't lie the only time my ex husband crosses my mind any more is when my bank statement comes. It is like playing the lottery, you are always hopeful for a little bit of money, but let's face it the odds.......pretty low. Today my ex mother in law found her way to commenting on my blog facebook page. I don't mean to sound like a heartless bitch, but stop telling me how much you miss us, what a great granny you will be, how much MY boys "dad" misses them. Tomorrow marks my 9 year divorceiversary, and honestly as each day passes I am more and more grateful that he is out of my life. Never looked back, never regretted it. I mean how could I? 

       Anyways with Father's Day coming up I am reminded more and more today why I love my husband, the father to my 3 children! My husband has been a friend for so many years, that when our lives collided in another way it all just melted into a perfect family. I love my husband because from day 1 neither him or his family treated my 2 children from my first marriage any different. They were his babies, their grandbabies, their nephews, nothing more and nothing less. He held them when they cried, changed their diapers, helped me potty train them, read them bed time stories, and healed their wounds.

       We were soon a family of 5 and his blessing never left and our love has only grown. Together we make memories, happy and sad, scary and blissful. There are no late nights hanging with his buddies, coming in drunk, or yelling. My husband is one of the most selfless men I know :) he has supported me in every way, in any thing. He would give everything he had to make me us happy. His last penny for the kids to go on a field trip, working 23 hours straight to make sure we can do something we wanted to do together. I don't think I could ever put into words just exactly what he means to this family, as a father, lover, provider, as my best friend :)

       Remember as Father's Day approaches being a dad is more than just DNA, being a dad is putting your heart in soul into loving a child, DNA has nothing to do with being a real father.


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