Breaking Down The Stigma of Bladder Leakage #Underwareness

     I know as a mother life has taken me through many twists and turns. The act of having a child alone can put such a toll on the body that we are often left with those moments we are not able to control. Bladder leakage whether light or heavy effects more then 51 million American women! Did you know that is 1/3 of women? So why is it that we spend so much time hiding the things that we cannot avoid?
     After having 3 children there are certain times I wonder to myself if my body will ever return to normal, those moments when you bend the wrong way, pick something up, and are left wondering if anyone has noticed. The Depend brand is introducing Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs. They are a new design that is great for moderate leakage. With the new thin design you can have the security of knowing you are covered for life's little leakage moments (which lets face it we have all had at one time or another), with the comfort of knowing that your secret is safe. They a low rise, real underwear feel and are even available in different colors, to keep that comfortable feeling in no matter what you are wearing.
    Over the last two years the Depend brand has been actively spreading a social movement, Underwareness, and have been creating a charitable break down the bladder leakage stigma. As a part of Underwareness the Depend company is encouraging people to show their support for women with bladder leakage. For everyone photo Shared using the hashtag #Underwareness, the Depend brand will donate $1, up to $3million, through 2016 to fund charities that advance the research and education of bladder leakage. Support the cause and get a free sample of Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs.


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