A Little Life Update, Trying to Change the World

       Wow it has been a while since I have actually sat down and shared our life with you.  Since our vacation in July life has been non stop with new plans and goals. I may have mentioned this at some point, but in March our family will pick up and hit the road in our RV. For the summer our destination will be Silverton Colorado, with hopes to make that our lifelong home :).
       More recently I have been taking care of foster kittens left and right. With regular bottle feeds, litter box training, and medical emergencies we have been busy little bees. I have been working with others to begin a foundation to help make a difference in the world of our furry little friends. We currently have a project going on with a hoarder prevention, intervention. She came to us for help, so of course we want to do our best to help her. Click the widget below to learn more about this case and our needs to help this family.


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