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Making it Through Motherhood , Supported by Poise #ad

        Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today's story, and keeping me confident! Lets face it, motherhood changes so many things about us. Some are good like, giving us patience and the ability to love without fail. Some however..............we'd rather do without. You know what I'm talking about ladies and it isn't just stretch marks ;). I always thought that when I was finished having children the urge to always have to go and the occasional cough, sneeze..........oopppss......would fade. After nearly 7 years since my last child I find those moments still hanging around from time to time. 
       A little while back I met a friend who has saved me from more then one embarrassing moment, SAM. Now this friendship started out like many others, I was online one day and saw a free sample chance and thought.....Hey what a better way to try out this product and see if I like it! I know what you're thinking......Ummmmm......crazy lady, your new friend came as a free Let me tell you a little more about SAM. SAM is a revolutionary new Super Absorbent Material from Poise. Some of you may be familiar with Poise already, they have a great line of products for LBL(light bladder leakage). Now I know it is hard to face and really no one likes to talk about it, but if there was a way to help keep you from those occasional embarrassing moments, don't you want to hear about it. Poise new super thin liner is perfect for every day use. It is discreet and easy to use, and will help keep you dry all day long. 
       Now I have to tell you, while I love them for every day use I find they come in handy most around my period, when leakage seems to be worse for me. Not only do I find they are great for LBL but also as an every day liner. They absorb so much bet, and last so much longer throughout the day then my old brand. Hey what can I say SAM multitasks in this if only he did dishes.
       Do you suffer from LBL?? You can meet same to.........go here for your free sample :)


I know many runners who use these - who would have thought the joys of running would not stop at lost toe nails! We love Sam
Mellissa Hanks said…
lol I could see that being a useful tool, good thing they are already in my bag so when I run I'm

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