Get Mom The Perfect Mother's Day Gift From doTerra

     Getting a gift for mom can be a tough thing to do. There is always the traditional spice rack, I know my mom loved those ;) , or a vacuum, but why not give mom something that will help bring peace to her life. For a limited time doTerra has a Mother's day gift set which includes 3 oil  blends and a hand lotion that will do just that! This offer is available to US and Canadian buyers only $35 to preferred members and product consultants and $46.67 retail. If you would like to become a preferred member or product consultant please head HERE. To order this product at the retail price please head HERE. Remember supplies are limited :) Happy Mother's Day!


I would love this kit but know if I am to get it for Mother's Day I need to buy it myself! My boys always forget Mother's Day :(
Mellissa Hanks said…
I bought mine for myself :)

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