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doTerra Lifelong Vitality Pack day 10 update

      I've been so busy I haven't had the time to get back to everyone on my progress with taking the doTerra Lifelong Vitality Pack.
      Now I won't lie I have had problems with so many things for so long and I have tried so many things I didn't go into this supplement with much hope. Within 2 days I did notice it was obviously changing my body in some way. I started my monthly cycle 2 weeks early(yay me) and I was feeling better. But every day what changed the most was my skin. Every day more and more I began to notice my skin healing. I know what you are thinking....ummmm yeah skin does that.....well not mine. As you can see in the top left my hands were cut, nasty and bleeding. They have always done this, if I hit them on something they would bust open causing very painful cuts on the side of most of my fingers. The bottom left picture in my hand in the same light, same time of day on day 10!  I have also STOPPED USING LOTION! 
      If you are looking for a supplement to try to help support overall health take a minute to look into the Lifelong Vitality Pack You can find it HERE.


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