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33 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

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~~Health and Wellness~~
  • Help fight off kidney stones every time you eat, drink or take lemon oil in capsules.
  • Use a drop of lemon oil to help balance oil glands, this fights off oily skin and acne.
  • Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to a glass of water to help your body gently detox.
  • Add a couple drops of lemon oil into a spray bottle of water and use on your hair for natural highlights.
  • Add a couple drops of lemon oil to a warm glass of water to help calm a sore throat, calm a cough and even fight a fever. Lemon oil helps to fight bacteria and well as viruses.
  • Help fight off heartburn by simply adding 1-2 drops to a small glass of water and drinking it.
  • Improve your mental clarity by diffusing  lemon oil into the air.
  • Rub a drop of lemon oil onto your hands and enjoy the smell for a quick pick me up!
  • Improve your complexion by adding a drop of lemon oil to your facial cleanser. It helps to promote a healthier skin tone while removing dead skin cells.
  • You can combine lemon oil with lavender to help lift your mood, these oils have been shown to work together as a natural anti-depressant.
  • 2 drops of lemon oil into a half a glass of water can be gargled to get rid of bad breath odors.
  • Help get rid of cold sores by applying a drop of lemon oil to the area.
  • Get softer feet, a few drops of lemon oil massaged regularly onto dry feet will help to soften them.
  • Apply to bug bites for itch relief!


  • Did you let your laundry sit to long?? Add a drop or two to a rinse cycle and remove the odor of forget.
  • Clean lightly tarnished silver with a couple drops on a rag.
  • Remove scuff marks with a drop of lemon oil.
  • Make those dishes sparkle, just add a drop to your dishwasher soap container.
  • Apply a couple drops to a microfiber cloth to clean your phones screen(make sure you don’t have a plastic protector on though!
  • A couple drops on a cotton ball placed into your vacuum bag will help refresh the air as you clean.
  • Add a couple drops to the water in your steam cleaner or wet floor mop to help freshen and disinfect your floor.
  • Use 1-2 drops of lemon oil to remove gum, grease, oil, glue, and crayon from most surfaces. Including hair and clothing.
  • Sterilize your counter tops by adding 2-3 drop of lemon oil to a spray bottle of water.
  • Add a couple drops of lemon oil to baking soda, let sit in a seal container for a couple days. It can then be used as a carpet fresher. Sprinkle on, let it sit 20 minutes then just vacuum away.
  • Soak your dish rag or sponge over night in a bowl of water with 2 drops of lemon oil to disinfect.
  • Kill aphids on contact with a couple drops of lemon oil in a spray bottle of water.
  • Help preserve leather with a few drops of oil on a cloth.

~~Food and Drink~~

  • Add flavor to sweet treats with just a couple drops.
  • Make homemade lemonade, mix 2 drops of lemon oil with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 cups of water.
  • Add a little lemon to your iced tea.
  • Use on seafood or veggies to add a little flavor. 8 drops of lemon oil will replace the zest of 1 lemon.
  • Keep fruit from browning by adding lemon oil to water and rinsing cut fruit, rinsing fresh fruit will also lengthen shelf life.
  • Use a 1-2 drops of lemon oil to help soften butter, great for use on fish and veggies.
**You can purchase doTerra Essential Oils and Products HERE**


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