Saving Shelter Pets-Michonne (Levelland, Texas)

     Today's shelter pet in need of saving is Michonne. Michonne is a beautiful pit mix girl, she and her son Tiger were dumped at the shelter. She is up for adoption today! 45-50 lbs. she is about 1-2 yrs. old and very sweet. 

     NOTE: The dogs at Levelland Shelter are now vaccinated for all common illnesses, except rabies, before they are released for adoption. There is no adoption fee in Levelland but you will be required to have Michonne Spayed within 30 days of adopting her. Out of state adoptions and rescues are welcome.

       You must be at least 18 to adopt a shelter dog. To speak with an animal warden about adopting or for more information, call (806) 894-6164 weekdays or, Saturday and Sunday, call (806) 894-2985.
The shelter is now open part-time for walk-in adoptions. Our hours are: Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 AM -- 1:00 PM; Friday and Saturday, 1:00 PM -- 5:00 PM; Sunday and Monday, Closed. Call (806) 893-7885 to reach the kennel warden during these hours. We are located at 109 Commerce Drive.


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