Help Your Child Trust The Power Within #duracell

      I know I have mentioned several times the struggles I face with my middle child. His physical, mental and social troubles have seemed to just grow more and more since school began again. To be quite honest not only have I come to an emotional breaking point but so had he.So when I recently was given a chance to do an interview with May Hamlin, mother of Seattle Seahawks' Derrick Coleman, I was eager to ask questions that probably don't just weigh heavy on my mind, but on the mind of every parent who has a child that struggle in some way.  For those who may not know about Derrick Coleman he is the first NFL deaf offensive player and Seattle Seahawks' starting fullback and special teams player. What I get the pleasure to share with you is the inspiring story of how his family helped get him to where he is today.As well as how you can help your child trust their power within. I want to start first with the Super Bowl commercial from Duracell that even after several time watching it brings about so many emotions, I think it is something that you must take a few moments to watch if not once, then twice, three times or more. Please take a moment to click vote on the bottom left as well :) I promise you won't regret it. The part that sticks in my mind the most is when he says they told him to quit, but he has been deaf since he was 3, so he didn't listen.

     Watching this I can't help but think I hope my son can feel this way, I hope he can reach his dreams, whether it be winning a Super Bowl, being a doctor, or simply being an amazing father. I have to be honest though the day I was to do this interview was a day that I had perhaps reached my low in how to help my baby, the words of inspiration I received from May Hamlin did more then bring tears to my eyes, they have changed my world. I had the hardest time thinking of questions but after much thought I tears I decided on the following questions.

1. What did you find helped keep Derrick wanting to try to do his best?
2. What do you feel your biggest struggles in helping him thrive were? And how were you able to overcome those struggles?
3. We all know bullying has always been an issue for kids who don't fit the norm, how did you help him to stay strong when bullies were bringing him down?
4. What advice would you give to parents who may be in a similar situation and having a hard time??

     I wish I could have just spent hours with this amazing woman and mother I feel like she had so much wisdom to share with me. Here is the recording of our interview, I hope that you are able to draw some amazing insight as I was.
 I'd love to hear about your special little ones and the struggles you face, how do you help your little one trust in their power?

*This opportunity was offered and paid by Duracell, however all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.**

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