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Vitamints-The Anywhere, Anytime Vitamin

       No matter how good you try to eat it seems these days you just cannot get all the vitamins that their body requires. Without the proper nutrition your body can suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. As my journey to a healthy lifestyle continues I find more and more how much I have been neglecting my body. My diet still leaves much to be desired, so I have started taking vitamins to help fill the gaps. The problem is I don't always remember to take them. Recently I received the chance to review a product that can't help my memory, but it has made things possible when I do forget. Vitamints are the anywhere, anytime vitamin. I received 3 of their formulas to try out, the Immune, the Energy, and the Multi for Women.
       Of course daily I have been taking the Multi for Women Vitamint. The flavor is really good and I love to take one after breakfast and one right before bed. It is kind of a munchie breaker. It offers something sweet and minty without having to eat something else. With 13 different Vitamins it fills in my gaps :)
       Lately I have been using these Energy Vitamints more and more! It is amazing how much your forget just simply getting everyone ready in the morning and get them to school, or maybe it is the 3 hours of sleep I am missing out The Energy Vitamints are loaded with B vitamins as well as Co-Enzyme Q10 to help boost your energy. They don't make me feel hyper of jittery but they seem to help my brain get going when it starts to feel like Homer Simpson.
       The last Vitamint product I got the chance to review is the Immune. Yet another problem with back to school time mean the germs are back in full force as well. The Immune Vitamint is packed full of vitamin C and Zinc to help boost your immune system and help your body fight off whatever may try to attack you.
       As you can see there is a great variety to meet all you needs, I love that they are safe for adults, teens and even children over the age of 2. So if you are like my family and I and are always forgetting those vitamins before leaving the house. Or just don't enjoy taking traditional vitamins, like my husband, then I would give these a try! Vitamints are also available in Focus and Calm. They can be found across the country at Walgreens or and cost around $4 for 60 mints, so the price is great.
* received the above mentioned products in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.*


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