True Chews Dog Treats From

         There is nothing my dogs love more then a review for a great new product. Mr.Chewy once again offered them the chance to review something that they couldn't stop begging for.
Oh please oh please mom!

 New True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts are made of 100% all natural ingredients and are high in protein. One of the things I love most about these is that the y made in the US and  American-sourced, American-made real chicken jerky tenders are rawhide-free and contain no artificial flavors or fillers. If it is so important that I put quality natural ingredients in my body why wouldn't it be just as important to feed our best friends well. Now I didn't have any complaints from any of my 4 legged friends with this product, they loved actually having something to chew and bite onto. I loved that there was no fear of splintering because there is no rawhide material. They also cam in a nice resealable bag so they maintained their freshness.
Trying to steal and run without his picture lol

     Now this post isn't just about how great True Chews Premium Jerky Treats, but also about the service that provides. If you are like so many people the highest quality pet products are not always available to you at your local store. Or heck maybe you just really don't like shopping, or are short on time, but still want to provide the best pet products for your dog or is a place where you can order your favorite pet foods, treat and other products and have them shipped directly to your door or office. They offer fast free shipping on orders over $49 (which is easily done if you have a pet you know this), No sales tax (except for FL and PA), and great customer service! Order now and you can save 15% on your first order when you use autoship. Never forget those treats again, and someone with four fuzzy legs will never forget your kisses.

*The above mentioned products were received in order to help facilitate this review, regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.*


Melanie B said…
My dogs will love them! I get stuff from once in awhile :)
Cyndie said…
Great review and the dogs are so cute trying to get the treats!

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