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Simply Saturday-Time to Take a Breather

     Whew what a busy couple of weeks it has been. I have had the chance to review so many great products, some I have not yet had a chance to share with you. Life has been a little more then crazy around here needless to say. I am picking 2 pounds or more of tomatoes every day and the occasional zucchini. everything else is kind of dying off and getting ready for the fall. So after clearing our 40 gallons of weeds and dead plants I decided today I am going to just take it easy :).
     Our plans to get out of West Texas just seem to continually take detours, and while it is still in the plans unfortunately I think we have postponed it till June1st instead of March 1st. BooooO!! The house is coming along it is more the money aspect that will hold us back like much of America. I am doing my best to conserve energy and save money where I can. Last week I gave up my dishwasher to help get rid of the last of the bugs. It really isn't as bad as I thought it would be :) despite how crazy every tells me I am, or maybe I really am just that crazy lol.
     The kids went back to school 2 weeks ago and while times have not been perfect this year is going well so far. I really love my middle sons teacher and she seems to be giving him the care he needs to succeed. Only time will tell if this will continue or if at some point both of them will get burnt out. Till then I will continue to push forward and find a way out of West Texas. I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I am looking forward to some football today and tomorrow!
     So a couple questions for my readers :) how do you save money?? And who are you cheering on this weekend??


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Jello Hard Candy

Most hard candies call for corn syrup, but since I was out and I have 3 children home I decided to experiment and make something fun! Here is what you need:
2 Cups of Sugar
2 Cups of Water
1 Package Sugar Free Jello
A candy Thermometer

Making candy is a pretty tricky process and trust me I messed up a batch or two getting this to work Put the sugar and water into the pot and turn on medium whisking well till the sugar is dissolved. Stirring pretty regularly to help the sugar from burning. As the sugar begin to boil turn the heat up to high. Watch your thermometer when the candy reaches 230 pour in the jello continuing to mix. Pour this mixture immediately into a cake pan that is lined with parchment paper of you can rub a little veggie oil in it. The candy will continue to cook as it melts anything over 230 you will be left with a burnt candy that tastes like After you candy is cooled completely turn it out onto a cookie sheet and break apart :O) I like to dust mine …

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We all love summer but as the weather gets warmer the flies get worse and worse. We have a bush out front of our house that I swear just attracts every fly in town! I wanted to get rid of them but I didn't want to kill all the wonderful butterflies it also attracts. So I went about finding a new way to kill them all. I had some empty Tazo tea bottles I simply poked a pen sized whole in the top, added 1/2 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of syrup.Now I do find that these work better if you place them in the sun :O) If you want to use a bigger container simply multiply the ingredients. Make sure your hole is only about the size of a pen cap! Then they can't seem to get back