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     I've brought to you before several great products from Newman's Own Organics, recently I was given the chance to review some new products that I haven't been able to show you before. Newman's Own Organics not only makes great things that many are familiar with but they also make some items perhaps you hadn't yet heard of. Today I am going to share with you those items.
     First I want to share with you two products that I have really enjoyed reviewing, Newman's Own Organics Royal Green and Black teas. Now in our family we go through a lot of tea, like most people in Texas of course we have our sweet tea that goes with lunch and dinner, I also love to enjoy a glass of hot tea in the morning and one before bed. We received a box of tea that could be used for each so I brewed up a pot of each, the black tea we turned into our sweet tea. It was a very deep tea that I really enjoyed much more then the brand that we were currently using. I was able to take one tea bag and make just over a gallon of tea as well so the cost effectiveness was really good :). Since I am the only one in the family that drinks green tea of course one bag I made much less, I really liked that it wasn't bitter, which sometimes green tea can be.
     The next group of products I want to talk about is Newman's Own Organics Dried Fruits. We received a very large variety of dried fruits that included apricots, prunes, apples, cranberries, raisins and a berry blend. The apples were the first to be gone so I guess they must have been the best right ;) my kids really loved that they were actually a little chewy and really sweet. They were both visually appealing, which was nice for a change. My daughter is the dried fruit lover in our family and actually loves to take them for lunch, we typically mix them all up together so that she can get a couple of each. Dried fruit is so good for you for many reasons. They are high in fiber, contain many antioxidants, you get a high number of nutrients consuming less and they are low in fat. My favorite thing to make with the dried cranberries and raisins are granola bars!
  As you may have guessed I love to cook! One of my main ingredients is Olive Oil, it gives great flavor to most anything you cook. During this review I learned that Newman's Own not only makes an olive oil but also a great Balsamic Vinegar. Now I will admit Vinegar is a new ingredient for me! Yep you heard me before this review I had never used balsamic vinegar So I actually had to look up what to use it for :) and apparently you can use if for most anything to give it a little boost of flavor. My favorite thing that I have done so far is used it to help make some great beef stew. After cooking the meat you might have noticed that a lot of seasoning gets a little stuck to the pan. I simply added a couple tablespoons to the pan and it helped release all those seasoning from the pan before adding the rest of my ingredients! Now the olive oil is something that I go through A LOT of, in fact Newman's Own Organics Olive Oil makes a great dip.......yup a dip. In the morning I love to add olive oil, Italian seasoning and garlic to a container, let it sit all day at room temperature and then at dinner time I take so fresh bread and dip it in mmmmm....try it you won't regret it!
     My kids favorite part of this review of course was the candy. Part of being a child I think is to be able to enjoy your metabolism and have fun, but finding a candy that doesn't make you afraid can be hard. When Newman's Own Licorice came I turned it over and much to my surprise I could read the names of everything in them, and better yet I knew what they were. Even better was the fact that they were really good, they come in two sizes which is nice. You can get a pack that has 4 pieces in it, perfect for school or on the go. And then a larger package, I should have counted how many pieces there was lol, but we really loved enjoying the larger package as a family. Each of us got 2-3 pieces to enjoy so it was plenty big :) We tried the sour licorices which are available in mango, apple, strawberry and cherry but they also have a regular variety which comes in strawberry, pomegranate and of course traditional black licorice. We also received two of their tasty chocolate cups the dark chocolate and peanut butter and the dark chocolate and raspberry. Although melted into a brick when the arrived because the high heats after a bit of time in the freezer they made a delicious ice cream add in!
*I received the above mentioned products in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced*


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