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Geritol-Are You Taking The Right MultiVitamin? +Giveaway

     Finding the right vitamin is such a task, but it really shouldn't be. Lets face it no matter how good your diet is sometimes you still can't get all the things your body needs. The human body needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to function properly. Then again you never want to get to much either, because even to much of a good thing can turn out being bad in the long run. With many vitamins this really seems to be the case. The pump you full with a high dose of vitamins and minerals, even though the United States Food and Drug Administration has set up guidelines and amount for these. So why are some loaded with more then 100% of what you need?? Even if you ate nothing of nutritional value it would stand to reason you would never need more then 100% Right??
     Geritol® Multivitamin meets these important standards.Geritol Multivitamin is the nutritional supplement trusted over time to help enhance vitality, both physically and mentally, by providing your body just the right balance of the essential vitamins and minerals you need. It contains close to 100% RDA (the recommended daily allowance) of 12 essential vitamins and minerals including: Antioxidant vitamins A, C & E which help to strengthen your immune system, key B-vitamins for energy support and vitamin D to promote bone health. I have really enjoyed taking these, they are easy to swallow and don't leave an after taste or give me heart burn :)
     I'm sure most of you have heard of the name Geritol, growing up I know it was always the "old people's vitamin" well I guess I have hit old because now it is mine haha. In reality Geritol isn't made for old people or young people, it is just made for people. Its been a trusted name in supplements for years, so why not give it a try.Below I have included a crossword puzzle that give you a chance to win a “walks the walk prize” complete with two Geritol pedometers (one for you and one to share with a walking buddy), Geritol® Multivitamin product, and a $25 gift card toward a pair of New Balance sneakers so you can get up and out and move for better health. To win this prize just do the crossword puzzle there are 25 words listed I need you to find the Bonus word and enter it below in the comments section :)*This Giveaway will run till the 27th of September!*
























                26. _  _  _  _ - _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _   BONUS PHRASE!
*I received the above mentioned product in order to help facilitate this review, regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.*


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Well Balanced
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well balanced
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Well Balanced

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