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TerraCycle- Outsmart Waste This School Year

     As a family we try to do our part to help the environment, it isn't always easy though. Finding ways to live a greener life, while getting the things we need for back to school has been quite a challenge. Recently I learned about a company called TerraCycle that creates great new products from hard to recycle or previously thought of as non-recyclable products. Products that most families just throw away such as binders, candy wrappers, glue bottles and more! We received so many great products to help us stay green this school year. I can't wait to show you some of the amazing things this company is doing with "trash" and maybe even encourage your family to get in on the action.
The Skittle Bag Lunch Bag
     This is the hot item out of the things we received. All three of the kids are just in love with it, and I won't lie I really think I am going to be buying another two bags. It is made of the large Skittles bags that are made of non-recyclable plastics.
Rold Gold Pencil Bag
     My oldest thought this was so cool, and it really is I mean would you have ever thought to take that pretzel bag and turn it into a durable pencil bag?? This bag is really well made and comes complete with a zipper and grommets so that you can put it in your binder!
The 6 Can Hardlined Cooler
     I was really shocked by this one, this seemingly "traditional" cooler is made up of 90% recycled materials! It is very well made and the inner hardshell is removable. My husband has started taking this to work and is really loving it. He said it works great to keep his drinks and snacks cool. He says if anything it may be BETTER then the cooler he was taking to work. And with the moveable plastic divider his sandwich no longer get smashed by his drinks.
Honest Kids Backpack
     The last product we received was the Honest Kids Back Pack. As you can see the front panels are comprised of Honest Kids Grape Juice packages. It is really well made, again I think the material on this backpack is stronger and higher quality then any of the ones we had purchased at the store this year. My daughter has already packed all her school supplies inside of As you can see there was MORE then enough room. It has adjustable straps to so it doesn't look funny on her little frame.
     After reviewing these all I could think was "How can I get involved?" So I went to their website to learn more and here is what I found :) there is more ways to get involved then I thought. If you have thrown it away, they have made it into something! You can join what they call Brigades, which they have 40 of, and that brigade is a product area you are going to send in. You collect your items till you reach the amount needed. Then you simply print your label and send it in. Once your waste is received and checked in to the TerraCycle facility, your collection location will be credited with any TerraCycle points that you may have earned for your waste. TerraCycle points can be redeemed for a variety of charitable gifts, or for a payment of $0.01 per point to the non-profit organization or school of your choice. 
     I can't say enough about how great this program is. We have started our box of goods to go and I will be encouraging our schools to do the same this coming school year :)To find out more about these products and how you can get involved check out their website HERE and do your part to Outsmart waste this school year.
* I received the above mentioned products in order to help conduct this review. Regardless all view expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.*


this is kool to have your fave brand at your side lol
Julia Potvin said…
I love there products, and to sport your favorite products around recycled is super cool!

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