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Soothe Those Back To School Owies With Me4Kidz

    As part of our back to school event I would love to introduce a product that I recently had a chance to review. Me4Kidz Cool It Buddy, a soft reusable cold pack, that can help to soothe all those back to school owies for your children.
        Let's all face it I am not alone in having children that seem to be falling more then walking at times. So with three children I can bet that at least once a day there will be some type of first aid care needed. That is where the Me4Kidz Cool It Buddy came in. Recently we have had many opportunities to try this product out and I have found many things that I really like about it. First thing I noticed it the texture, I know this sounds weird but if your think about your typical cooling pack what is it made of?? All the ones in this house have either a hard plastic outside or a pliable plastic outside. It is a constant struggle between to cold and having that plastic stick to your already painful owie, or it not being cold enough because you have had to wrap it in something. With a soft cloth outside we didn't have to deal with either of those, the right temperature without the hassle. I also really liked the size of the Cool It Buddy, measuring roughly 4 inches square it was able to cover any injury we have come across while having it.
So of course as soon as we got it the Cool It Buddy went straight into the freezer, because as I said it would surely be quickly needed. Of course within the day my son manage to hurt himself coming out of the rv(I really should buy some of the instant cooling buddies to keep in there) so into the house to grab our little buddy.
I bet he was happy we got the cute kitty print ;)
His sister usually needs it more.
That tumble is going to leave a good mark
       As you can see despite the size of the forming bruise the pack was more then large enough to cover the entire area. It really did help ease some of the pain by reducing the amount of swelling he experienced. We have also used it for my daughter who was having a fever which was causing a headache. I am happy to report both are doing much better now and our Me4Kidz Cool It Buddy is waiting in the freezer for the next time we need it. With school just around the corner my guess is that will be sooner then later.

*I received the above mentioned product in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.*


Tricia said…
Oh I would love that for my kids. They always are getting bumps. I will check them out. Thanks

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