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Pilot Pens Making Back to School Fun and More

Yesterday I posted about some of the great pens that I have been lucky enough to try from Pilot Pens. Today I wanted to share a couple of my all time favorites for this coming school year.
Pilot's Bottle 2 Pen Gel Roller
Pilot Pen's Bottle 2 Pen Gel Roller is a great new product. It is the first pen to be made from recycled bottles. In fact 89% of this pen is made from post consumer plastic bottles, which I have to say is one of my favorite things about this pen. When I opened these pens I had to giggle just a little, the makers of Pilot made the outside of the pen look very similar to a water bottle, intentional or not it is a cute little touch. As far as the actual use of this pen it works wonderful. It is very similar to the G2 pen as it uses the same technology. So if you love the G2 pen this is another great alternative that can help make a difference in our world as well :) The Bottle 2 Pen Gel Roller is available in 3 colors(red, black and blue) and comes with a fine tip.
No on to what has quickly become our favorite pen. The FriXion Clicker from Pilot is an erasable gel pen. We all remember being in school with our "erasable" pens, they smelled bad and lets face it they didn't really erase very well I was talking with a friend recently about these and we laughed about how we thought the erasable pen had really just met its doom. The people at Pilot though have bought it back and with a fun twist.
We received 3 great colors pink, turquoise and purple
As you can see they look great! They are a retractable pen with an eraser at the top of the pen.
As you can see it erases well :)

I love how easy and completely this pen erases but that isn't why we love this pen the most. I'll let you in on a little secret, the FriXion Clicker works with a unique Thermo-Sensitive Gel ink formula that erases with friction. I am sure you are wonder why that is so cool, or such a big secret huh? Well we have had fun using these as a secret message pen............yes you did just read that right. The unique design of the pen means even if you have completely erased it you can do something fun. Just throw it in the freezer and BAM your writing will reappear.
The FriXion Clicker is not only fun but a great quality pen.I recommend this pen to anyone.
Pilot has such a wide variety of pens and pencils for back to school I don't think I could ever cover them all. If you would love to learn more about them head to their site and take a look around HERE or visit them on Facebook and stay up to date with all the great things coming your way HERE.
*I received the above mentioned products in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.**


Cyndie said…
I do love a good ink pen and Pilot has always been my choice.
Julia Potvin said…
I am also a pen junkie...LOL...I love roller gel pens!
I love pens!!!! My favorite are colored ones and blue Ink. Love Pilot!!!
Alaina Bullock said…
I have always had this love of pens! These sounds perfect! I like that they are nice and colorful, write smoothly and are made by a reputable brand! I especially like the erasable ones! The ones we had growing up did a terrible job of erasing, these look like they work great!
Sasha Cory said…
I love Pilot Pens but they always get stolen at work. Can't ever keep a stash of pens around!

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