Pilot Pens- If You Need a Pen They Have It For You!

        I have talked many times on the blog about how much I love a good pen. Recently I was sent an amazing selection of pens from Pilot Pens, so many in-fact I will be dividing this review into two parts! 
All the great pens that will be reviewed, in a cute little lunchbox!
        With the school year coming pens are on my mind more then they normally would be, I need black pens and red pens, blue pens and cool pens. It amazes me these days how different they make them all and how as a child even the wrong pen can seemingly make you the target of being bullied. My oldest son is getting to that age. Pilot offers so many different pens it is hard to know where to even start, I guess I will start with the basics.
This is the Pilot Precise V7
        The Pilot Precise V7 is an extra fine tipped pen, with a unique liquid ink technology this pen offers a consistent flow of ink. We are really enjoying this pen, I actually have exchanged my normal pen that I keep in my wallet for this pen. The main reason being I hate when it is time to sign a check or a receipt and my pen misses part of my name. I have horrible hand writing already, going over it a second time. Or even better having to put a little twirlly to get my pen writing again, is nothing short of annoying. The smooth flow of this pen avoids that. We received the basic black pen which is great for every day use, but this pen is available in 7 great colors(black, blue, red, green, purple, pink and turquoise). With its visible ink supply there is no guessing game about when it is time to replace it either!
The Pilot G2
        Another great set of pens we received was the Pilot G2. We were lucky enough to receive two different packages of this great pen. The G2 has a gel ink that is meant for smooth writing and is also smear proof. I loved the smear proof feature of this pen. I am the worse when it comes to dragging my hand across the paper as I write. When I am writing just one sentence it doesn't come into play. But sometimes I like to sit down and write out my blog posts first, and that is were it becomes an issue.lol With this pen the problem is solved and I can continue to drag my lazy hand around the paper. The Pilot G2 is available in 4 sizes(Ultra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, and Bold) as well as 15 different colors(black, blue, red, green, purple, burgundy, pink, turquoise, navy, orange, caramel, lime green, periwinkle, teal, and hunter green.) The G2 is also available with neat pen designs! If you are looking for a pen with a million possibilities you will surely find a G2 for you.
       We are having so much fun with these pens and the fun has just begun! Make sure to swing by tomorrow, as the days go by the pens will get even cooler! You don't want to miss all the great products I have left to show you.
*The above mentioned products were received in order to help facilitate this review regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced*


Cyndie said…
Oh, I do love a good ink pen and Pilot makes the best
Julia Potvin said…
I am a pen junkie myself, and love trying out new ones. These all look great!
LisaLisa said…
Since I do a lot of writing I have to have a good pen and these sound so great.
I have a set coming and can't wait to try them. Great review!
Anonymous said…
My son's a huge fan of the G2.


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