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PB Crave- The Peanut Butter Your Kids Will Crave

     Lets face it with back to school comes so many challenges. Making a lunch that your child will love to eat is just one of those, but luckily it is a challenge that I have found to be easy to solve. Recently we got the opportunity to review a product that is helping making our school lunches more fun and super tasty. PB Crave is peanut butter with a twist!
     Before we get into what my family and I think about this product lets talk a little more about the product itself. If you are a regular reader you know that my family is really striving to make a healthier lifestyle. SO I was pleased to learn that PB Crave is made with only the finest natural peanut butter, honey and mouth watering flavors. I love that they use healthy ingredients so that my kids can have not only a fun lunch but a healthy treat. The four fun flavors available are Choco Choco, Coco Bananas, Razzle Dazzle, and Cookie Nookie. Choco Choco is a delicious double dose of semi-sweet and rich dark chocolate with premium peanut butter and wild honey. Coco Bananas is a tropical blend of yummy bananas, cocoa and wild honey, this peanut butter adds a taste of island paradise to any kitchen.Razzle Dazzle is a twisted blend of red raspberry, wild honey, cool white chocolate and rich dreamy darkness. Cookie Nookie is a mouth-watering mix of chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter. 
      My kids have loved trying all these fun flavors and I must admit it was a bit of a surprise what came out as the clear favorite. Two out of three of my children thought that the Razzle Dazzle was the most amazing peanut butter they had ever tasted! Infact we are nearly done with that I love that you can smell the raspberries in the peanut butter and see the chunks and swirls of all the fun ingredients. My daughter and I really love the Choco Choco, my husband actually makes fun of me because at the end of the night I like to just eat a little spoonful of it as a late night snack ;) and at 90 calories for a tablespoon I can add it as part of my diet with no guilt.
The taste and nutrition are not the only reasons to love this company, although they are very good ones, PB Crave does so much more then product a fun tasty product. PB Crave is different because they are actually making a difference. With a goal to help save the lives of 2 million children. A minimum of 2% of the profits from every jar of PB Crave peanut butter goes directly to Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization focused on treating malnourished children. The non-profit organization has helped save the lives of more than 100,000 children through ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTFs) featuring high-calorie, fortified peanut butter-like pastes. Around the world, malnutrition is the leading cause of death for children under 5. It doesn't have to happen and you can help by joining PB Crave and help change the world one jar at a time.
PB Crave have one more great thing to offer, they would like to offer a great giveaway to my fans so please make sure to enter on the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win some PB Crave of your own.If you can't wait to try this PB Crave is now available at Walmart Supercenters and Cost Plus World Market stores across the US and to find a store near you check out their store locator at the bottom of their homepage on and don't miss out some fun and excitement with Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern on his OpenSky Page
a Rafflecopter giveaway 
*I received the above mentioned products in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced*


Shellie Trella said…
Everyone in my house would eat this. Especially my 14 yr old he hates jelly on his sandwich.
Shellie Trella said…
Everyone in my house would eat this. Especially my 14 yr old he hates jelly on his sandwich.
Alaina Bullock said…
Yum! I had some of this last year and loved it! Who would have thought flavored peanut butter could be so good! The cookie dough flavor is especially good if you use it to make cookies!
Frances said…
Peanut Butter!! Yum
Jill Jacoby said…
I would love to make the peanutbutter puddle brownies!
Nelda said…
Any recipes to try would be great. Your link did not send me to any recipes to choose from but I am sure they would all be great. broken links are no fun.
any recipe with peanut butter has to be good
reignbough1973 said…
The recipe link is broken or something. I got this error message when I clicked on it. "Server not found Firefox can't find the server at" :0)
Linda Frabotta said…
I would try the no bake cookies...looks yummy & easy
The link is broken, but we would probably spread this on toast, or dip bananas and apples in it!

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