As The Apple Tree Grows- Weeks One

Last week when my son was cutting up his apple he found an apple seed that had a root coming out of it. Right away we planted it root down with in some loose local dirt, watered it and cover it is plastic. By day 3 we had to remove the plastic and on day 9 this is what is growing! I will be updating once a week now, probably on Saturdays I hope you come by and see how our apple tree grows :) I wish we could get more seeds to sprout!


Alaina Bullock said…
How neat! I have always wanted to plant seeds I find in fruits and veggies, but not too sure my lack of green thumb will allow it to grow very well! What a great learning experiment! Hope you share more pics as it grows!
Julia Potvin said…
That is great! I can't wait to see how it does :)
That is fantastic!! I cannot wait to see its progress. I hope next year I can plant some fruits and vegetables. I want an orange tree!!!
wow too cute i cant wait to see the results

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