Simply Saturday

Hmmmm........not much to say this Saturday. We were going to have our first big sell down yardsale but the weather prevented us from doing that booooo!!! We did end up finding a great deal on a solar panel set up that should be big enough to run our rv. I am really excited about that, everything we have to sell is just material and while it would be nice to get some cash for it, if it ever comes time to go what we don't need could easily find a new home. Each step closer gets me more excited and even more overwhelmed! I did sell 2 large storage containers full of stuff online though so tomorrow my goal is to refill those containers! I hope everyone has an amazing Father's Day with the ones they love.


Great find on the solar panel. I hope you have good luck selling stuff as I never have luck.
Julia Potvin said…
I love the solar panel idea, thats awesome! Good luck with your sale!

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