Mobile Clean & Go Review

    The last couple of years have brought amazing advances in technology and as a blogger that is really an exciting moment for me. However as a mother of three that means sharing my electronic devices with hands that just don't seem to be as clean as mine, if you know what I mean. As I sat here thinking about what I was going to blog about today I kept getting distracted by the smudges and smears all over my computer screen. My brain finally clicked in and I remember about a product that I received to review called the Mobile Clean & Go. So I ran to the box (okay I'll admit it I ask my daughter to go get and we begun reading the directions.

lol in case you wonder why I couldn't see well
      It was super simple I just sprayed the spray on the textured side and begun wiping the screen. Now mine was pretty bad so it took a couple of resprays, but in 9 months I had not cleaned the screen on this computer. After I finished getting all the gunk and grime off I turned over the small cloth and polished up the screen. I am excited to say it looks really good now! The part I like best though is it seems to help keep away the small dust particles and pet hair, because this time of year they are EVERYWHERE.
     Being summer time this product is going to come in handy for me and my family, camping season is upon us which means blogging from the road several times. Mobile Clean & Go is design in a way that I can easily put it in my bag and take it with  me. Saving space is very important to our family when we are are the road for more then a week at time, and I love that this product is smaller then my cell phone, yet designed to last. With 3 kids and 3 dogs stuffed into a jeep, towing a popup camper it is all about saving space! If you need a way to clean you electronics that is convenient and effective I recommend this product.

**I received the above mentioned product in order to conduct this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced.**


Melanie B said…
How neat, never heard of this before.

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