Gardening in West Texas As the Garden Grows

Can't wait to see this sunflower bloom! But not yet ;)
I was sitting this morning and realized how long it has been since I have updated on the garden. Life has gotten so crazy around here that I really have just tried to survive. It is West Texas so of course it has been hot hot hot most of the time! Last night however we were blessed with something we haven't seen in a while. A nice drenching rain. While sure we only got about a half of an inch it made my garden smile and me smile because I knew at least for the morning I would not have to water it. Things are growing great and I wanted to share a couple pictures. For water I am still running my washing machine outside I have 3 loads so I just switch which row I drain it into when it is time to run a load :) I have only had to use tap water 3 times so far this year and I am very happy about that!

The peas are growing great with 13 little pea pods getting ready to be eaten

Tomatoes are finally flowering! I hope we get some tomatoes this year :)


LisaLisa said…
Wow, I wish I had a green thumb. I am always killing off my poor garden.I can not wait to see more as your garden grows. Love me some tomatoes may try them again this year! great post!
Mellissa Hanks said…
Don't worry I kill A LOT of stuff off lol.

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