Finding Cold Relaxation With Old World Gourmet

It is has gone from nice to miserable so quickly here in West Texas. With summer comes a way to not only cool down but enjoy the summer nights. Now I will admit I am not really a wine kind of girl but when a chance to review an adult Frozen Wine mixer came about I thought maybe it would bring a fun way to enjoy wine to my life. Old World Gourmet offers a wide variety of not only wine mixers but cocktail mixers and gourmet snack as well. I had such a hard time selecting which one to try first but finally I settled on the Blueberry Pomegranate Wine Mixer.


I loved how easy it was to make! I simply added the bottle of wine to a bag with the mixer and a bottle of water. The bad part was waiting for it to freeze! I used a nice blackberry wine and it was AMAZING! My husband liked it the most, but beware it is so delicious that you may have to worry about how much you

As you can see it is nice and slushy frozen and oh so good! The next one I tried out was the Frozen Cosmopolitan Mixer. Now on the box it said to add vodka or white wine, but I decided to get a little wild and found a strawberry wine that looked good. The process was the same as far as mixing goes, but this time I used my brain and made it while breakfast was cooking so that by mid-afternoon it was ready for my tasting. When the temperature hit 90 degrees this afternoon I scooped out a glass and enjoyed. Not only was the taste amazing and different but it was a nice way to cool off while relaxing.

These are great ideas and for the price is a great way to increase not only the volume of your drink but the enjoyability. I highly recommend these as a great way to cool day on a hot summers day. They would also be good serve over ice if you were in a hurry or simply forgot to throw it in the freezer ahead of time!

* I received the above mentioned products in order to conduct this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced. Please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.*


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