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NAAT Brazilian Keratin Product Review

As you know I am ALWAYS looking for something to do with this hair of mine. It is dry....yet oily.....and well lets not forget FRIZZY! Recently I was given a chance to review a line of hair care products from NuNAAT, a brand which I had not been aware of before. When I first got my products in the mail I was quite surprised that they had sent me 5 FULL SIZED products. Of course that night I had to jump straight to using them :). I loved the products but the biggest shock was not how they worked on MY hair but how it completely changed my daughters hair and as corny as it may sound quite possibly her LIFE! Now don't roll your eyes, if you grew up with the hair I did and my daughter has been cursed with you know the embarrassment and shame that came along with it. Here is her before picture then I will get to the products.
Her hair after a day at school. Frizzy, unmanageable and unbrushable!
As you can see from the picture above her hair is just HORRIBLE! Right now she is 5 years old and already mentions children making fun of her hair :(. What I did was the night we got our products I took the the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask and gave us both a heavy treatment. The use of this product was really simple, just slather it on and wait! After an hour of treatment I went on to washing her hair . To wash the mask out was super simple, I just rinse out the mask until it falls straight and is wet. Then we washed with NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Shampoo which of course we all know how to wash our hair right?? Yep no special instructions needed for this great shampoo just wash it. After it was well rinsed I then applied the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Conditioner which we had received. We applied a small amount throughout the hair. Now it did not leave the typical smooth silky feeling when wet but I held my breath and followed the directions. After it set for 3 minutes we rinsed again. Let me tell you my poor daughter was so ready to get done with washing her hair it wasn't even funny. She, like many children do no like water poured over her head. We towel dried her hair and proceeded to the next step in the line......combing! I was really shocked that I could actually comb through her hair! With very limited whining to my surprise. Ne we applied the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine. When I got the bottle I thought, wow this bottle is super tiny it isn't going to last at all! Surprisingly it requires you use so little that it will be around for many months to come. The directions said to heat seal so we used a blow dryer, which I wasn't sure if it would be hot enough but it really seems to have been. So after all that process I sent her off to school the next day super excited about the condition of her hair. Here is a picture of after school AFTER using NAAT products!
Notice how there is NO flyaways! Her hair was easily brushed to.
As you can the difference is HUGE! I cannot even begin to explain the difference this had made in my life, let alone hers. Brushing is so much easier and the condition of her hair has greatly improved. Not having to pull through knots has really allowed her hair to grow. She has come home many times telling me how much the other kids love her hair. I have held back tears several times because I know how hard it is! While I haven't seen AS dramatic of results with my hair it has made my hair very shiny and soft! I'm not sure my tangles will ever go After Several weeks we are still extremely happy with these products. We also received the NAAT Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor which I have used on my sons hair. He has dry puffy hair and I love the way it helps hold it down for the day.

**I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.**


Daisys Reviews said…
Awesome Review!
Julia Potvin said…
Nice results! It's so hard to keep little one's hair looking good it helps having a good product!
Anonymous said…
Her hair looks like that of a girl who had fun playing in the before picture, love it. This stuff has to be amazing with those results.

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