Gardening in West Texas Week 4

Wow what a crazy week this has been! Last Monday we had a blizzard that dumped over 7 inches of snow on our backyard. Infact on Friday there was still snow in parts of out yard! Now obviously with such frozen ground I didn't get much tilling done :). Yesterday I went outside for a little bit because I had some beautiful flow bulbs to plant. I hope they grow well and produce some great bee drawing flowers. We also had a small fire in our backyard yesterday I hope it was just something the wind blew in! Here are some pictures for the week.
24 hours after 7 inches of snow it reached 66 degrees! Look close you can see the snow ;)

Everything is really slow growing still 75 today for a high I bet next week we see more growth!

I still need to transplant these my little monkeys took my pots

These sunflowers are getting pretty crazy!


I would love for my garden to be doing as well as yours. I just purchased some planter boxes because I can not plant an actual garden my way (thank you HOA).
Alaina Bullock said…
Wow! So far so good! I have just started some here, and cannot wait to see how well they do!
Julia Potvin said…
Looking good, I have a few more months and a lot more so to go before I can think about my garden. Jealous! :)

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