Make Your Princess Happy With Kivelli

I lost the art of being a girly girl when I was about 10 years old. Having two boys before I had my daughter certainly did not help the matter any. As my daughter gets old I realize more and more she will be nothing like me! She is everything girly and dreams of being a princess. For the longest time I have kind of avoided reviewing girly products but as she grows older I realize how much she would love to do them. Recently I was given a chance to review the Kivelli Bracelet Layette Collection. When we received our bracelet I was certainly just happy it had made it. The postal service did not handle with care and the bracelet was hanging half out of its package! Here I was worrying about my daughter breaking it, what I should have worried about was the Since it had made it to the house in one piece despite its rough handling I was then less worried about letting her wear it and have a great time with it. The bracelet is so tiny and elegant it was hard to believe that it would even fit. As soon as I place it on her wrist she was simply in love with it. She danced and sang for hours about how now she was a real princess. It has been several weeks now of almost non-stop wearing and the bracelet is still hanging strong. I really recommend that if you are looking to make your princess feel a little more special head to Kivelli and check out their products.


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