Learning to Play With Your Children

I know that seems like a strange title doesn't it. The fact is that many parents around the world don't play with their children and many don't even realize that they should, or even how. Play is a very important part of a child's mental development. from blocks to playdough and everything in between. I know what you are thinking.....but my kids play with those things on their own. Why do I need to play with them?!? Today I was given an interesting opportunity as an educator that taught me so much. We had a half day for our students and then did what they called "block training". A program was presented to use called Block Fest in which parents and children learn to learn together. Many things were brought to my attention that I never even thought about. Of course as parents were realize something that our children may have the chance to learn during play like colors and shapes. Did you know that you can help your child learn structure, area, perimeter and more just with a pile of wood blocks?? I have decided to bring a new section to my readers. Every Friday I will have a new group of posts called Family Fridays. I will bring lots of fun and exciting ways to bound and grow as a family. They will include tips for educational products and ideas. I hope you will join us as we learn to grow together :)


Being a stay at home parent, I see it in groups all the time. Parents who sit back on the bench while their children play at the park. I love to finger paint, build legos, color, pretty much anything with my son, it is great for learning and bonding.
Tammy Graham said…
I am a WAHM and I run a childcare from my home and let me just say that there are a lot of parents that can benefit from reading this post.
Melanie B said…
Being a parent is hard core, there is no guide, it is a very tough lesson to learn as you grow along with the kids. People often think it's just the kids growing but it's us parents as well :)

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