Thankful Thursday

So much in life to be thankful for in life. An amazing husband who loves our three great kids. Today we had a long day at the doctor and while the doctors personality lacked he got the job My son will be starting a new medication to hopefully help him succeed in life. :) I can't wait to see the new him. Thankful for my job today and the heart that they all  have. I really couldn't ask for a greater set of co-workers :) Best of all the blessing they are as teachers. Happy Thursday everyone make sure to count your blessings today.


So glad you are finally getting answers. I know how much it means to have great co-workers. I can remember when my son had heart surgery, he was home recovering and I went to pick up work to do at home and was told to get my priorities straight by my co-workers/boss. He was out of the hospital two days. I did get my priorities straight. I stayed long enough to find a new job. Co-workers and boss' that support you during these times are rare and amazing.

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