Happy Birthday to Me....lol

No I'm not making this post for birthday wishes but because I am 30. :O) Today I am not really blogging today just enjoying my last day of vacation before we go back to work and school. How many of my parent readers are excited their kids go back tomorrow?? I am going to make myself an amazing Gluten Free feast today which I will post later. I made my very first New York Cheesecake last night with a recipe from my friend at My Side of Life you can find HERE. My journey to going gluten free has really taught me a lot of things in just a few short days. Mostly EVERYTHING I have that I love has gluten.lol After suffering a headache for months though I am on day 9 and it is GONE! I feel great and  am ready to take on 30 full force! Happy Sunday everyone watch some football, eat some food and hug the ones you love.


Edohpa said…
Happy Birthday!!

Kelli A.
Kelly R said…
Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day

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