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Wordless Wednesday

What Daddy Bear Loves Review and Giveaway

Nothing can be more exciting and frightening then becoming a parent. It doesn't matter if it is your first child or your fourth child. As a mother I can remember the feeling very well with each of my three children and I have no doubt that my husband was just as nervous if not more so then myself. Recently I was introduced to a company called DaddyScrubs . DaddyScrubs offers a complete line of expectant father gifts, as well as gifts for the new or veteran dad. We were given a chance to review a gift set called What Daddy Bear Loves . It came with a small daddy bear and and a book. To me this is a great gift for not only an expectant father but for a father who may already have a child at home. The book is brightly illustrated and made of thick cardboard. It goes over all the things that a daddy bear loves to do and shows him doing it with his child. I think this book really sends a great message to not only children but to fathers about all the great things you can do with you

Shnoozles, Your Bedtime Friend.

If you have children you know what a struggle bedtimes can sometimes be. A great bedtime routine in important but sometimes they still feel afraid to go to sleep at night. Recently I was given the opportunity to review a soft an cuddly critter called a Shnoozle . Shu-Shu is a furry brown critter who is always ready to sleep. I love the original idea for their eyelids. When bedtime comes you can lower their eye lids and with the cute little rhyme book your child can help Shu-Shu go to bed as they get ready to close their eyes.When I first found out I would be doing this review I thought for sure this would come in handy most for my 5 year old. Her room is a little off from us so she gets a little afraid. My son LOVES being tucked in at night but for some reason lately is afraid to close his eyes. So I thought huh even though he is 8 maybe he would love a furry little friend to help him feel safe. He doesn't read very well yet so we read the story together, he closed his Shnoo

Teeccino & TeeChia Start Your New Year off Right!

Like many Americans I say every year that I am going to make a better life for myself and my family, and like many I fail. This year I have become bound and determined to keep that promise. My family has been making great efforts to live a Gluten Free lifestyle and reduce our caffeine intake. Recently I was introduced to some great products that are helping us do just that. I am an oatmeal LOVER so naturally I was eager to try this first product TeeChia High Performance Super Seeds Cereal. I received two flavor to try, the Blueberry Date and the Cinnamon Cranberry. I first tried the Cinnamon Cranberry which smelled simply AMAZING! I mixed it as directed and wasn't really a fan of the texture, although the flavor was great. When I made the Blueberry Date I decided to leave out a little bit of water and the texture was much better. I really preferred  the Cinnamon Cranberry for a hot morning cereal, I found a great use for the Blueberry Date though! I discovered if I take 1 cup o

Gluten Free New York Cheesecake

 It is so funny, when I first started the gluten free thing all I could think was OMG I'M GOING TO DIE! Luckily I had a great support system and have been able to enjoy life just as much as I did before. My first venture was a Gluten Free New York Cheesecake. My birthday was at the beginning of the month and going Gluten Free meant no more Walmart Bakery cakes! Soooo.....I turned to my next favorite sweet treat and turned to my great friend over at My Side of Life . She had just posted the recipe for this Cheesecake so I jumped in and hoped for the best. I had never made a Cheesecake at all! Now I was going to make it Gluten Free?!? Luckily it turned out GREAT! If you are interested in the recipe please head HERE . The only thing I changed was I used Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies and ground them up for the crust.

Purex Crystals for Baby Review

Living quite a distance from a big city our water is terrible, making fabric softener just about a necessity. For some reason though my washing machine does don't have a place for fabric softener. We have tried the liquids, but lets face it sometimes you can't hit the spin cycle on time. We tried the balls that hold the liquid, those don't work right either. Fabric sheets work great but don't give that nice scent that I love! Recent I was introduced to Purex Crystals for Baby . Now I know what you are thinking....but I don't have a baby! That is the great thing about this product. It is good not only for people with little babies around but also for people with small children. The scent is light but really nice and easy on even the most sensitive skin. It is easy to use, just throw in with  your detergent at the beginning of the wash cycle. We also have pets and it really help to keep the hair from attracting to the clothing after being washed. Here is a great l

Stay Healthy & Fit in the New Year With Best Buy

Almost all of us do it, make New Years Resolutions. Like many Americans though I often fail within the first month. I have been told do something for 21 days and it becomes a habit. So this year I was bound and determined to make it those first 21 days. If I could make it those 21 days I decided I would reward myself by picking up some of those favorite items that I always wanted but never bought because, well I'm a realist and knew I wasn't ready to truly get healthy and fit. This year is different, whether it is turning 30 or some peer pressure it is going amazing and I get my prize!

Wordless Wednesday

To the Moon and Jupiter

Help Fight The Flu Naturally

As I sit here miserable I am reminded of ways to help you body naturally fight things. My friend at My Side of Life shared with me so I want to share with you.

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Supplements Review

If you remember I have before talked about Noxicare and one of their pain relief products. If you don't remember then you can check it out HERE . This time I want to talk about another great product Noxicare Tablets! Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief Tablets are safe and all-natural. The perfect solution to acute and chronic pain, formulated with 7 of the world’s most potent natural pain relievers . These pain relievers include Turmeric, Willow Wood, Ginger, Holy Basil, Rosemary, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Boswellia.It is safe for daily use and may be used to treat pain associated with: joints and muscles; inflammation; tension headaches; musculoskeletal disorders; neuropathy; and fibromyalgia.   Noxicare now has a great line one Ome ga - 3, Vitam in B-12 , multivitamins and joint supplements . Due to a shipping delay my supply is not yet here but rest assured as soon as it arrives I will add it to my daily regime and report back to my fans so they know the results! I rece

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Giveaway Link Up

<a href=" "><img alt="Tots and Me" src="" border="0" alt="num2"></a> Welcome to Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up with your hosts Karen @ Tots and Me  and Emily @ Emily Reviews So glad you could join us as we embark on another year of Tuesday Giveaway Link Ups.  Our co-hosts this week are  Ashley from  Forgetful Momma-Bottles, Diapers...Babies    and   Mellissa from  Something Like Life .

Bare Fruit Review and Giveaway

If you are a regular follower you know that as a family we are going Gluten free with the hope of adjusting some physical and behavioral issues. the biggest struggled we have faced is finding a healthy snack that the kids would eat. When I was approached to try Bare Fruit Bake-Dried Apples I crossed my fingers and hoped that they would be a hit in our house. We received a bag of the cinnamon apples to review and I was the first to try them. I was really impressed by how much apple taste was in them and better yet they were not only Organic but they were The dried apples I had tried in the past had either lacked flavor or texture when eating them. The kids were a little hesitant to try them as they are with all new things, but one brave child after another they started to snack and before long they were A HIT! They last week has been great knowing that not only were my kids eating a snack but a snack that was good for them. Bare Fruit Snacks makes 3 varieties of Apple Chips in bo

Ateevia Botanica's PRIME Anti-Inflammatory Cream

If you are a regular reader you are probably well aware of the pain I suffer from day to day. If not....well I have a lot of 12 years ago I got into a car accident and broke my back and neck in 4 places. Needless to say there is pain :) and the winter months are by far the worst. Any time I get a chance to try a new pain cream I am sure to jump on, you never know when there may be something out there that is more helpful them the last. Recently I came across a review opportunity for Ateevia Botanica's PRIME Anti-Inflammatory Cream. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it wasn't gross, which is good because my husband laughs a lot about smelling like an "old man" as my husband would call it. I really should have thought about it before I put it on because it had been sitting in the the cold! However once it was rubber in it was great. I sat and waited for the "burning sensation" but was pleasantly surprised that ther

Thankful Thursday

So much in life to be thankful for in life. An amazing husband who loves our three great kids. Today we had a long day at the doctor and while the doctors personality lacked he got the job My son will be starting a new medication to hopefully help him succeed in life. :) I can't wait to see the new him. Thankful for my job today and the heart that they all  have. I really couldn't ask for a greater set of co-workers :) Best of all the blessing they are as teachers. Happy Thur sday everyone make sure to count your bl essings today.

Wordless Wednesday

Such an oldie :O) but as we prepare for the neurologist again tomorrow he is forever on my mind.

Going Wild With Hexbug

Over the last year my children have found a new toy that has brought them hours and hours of fun. Hexbugs are a creative and fun toy that let's your children build with their imaginations. Recently I had the opportunity to review a new set from Hexbugs with my children. The Nano Zipline takes the excitement or these tiny robotic creatures and gave them a new way to have some hang time of their of own. Now I did find it a bit hard to put together but luckily my 8 year old could figure it It is amazing how much better kids are then adults at some things isn't it! The zipline uses the regular Hexbug nano and adds a little "harness" to him. He then goes around his habitat like normal eventually making it to the top. Instead of plunging to his doom he slides down the zipline and then detaches. My kids thought that this was the coolest set they have in their creation. What I love most about Hexbugs is that the fun doesn't stop at just the set you bought. Yo

Posy Lane

I know on the blog we have talked before about how much I love personalized items. As a child they were not widely available to me because my parents gave me an oddly spelled name. Even in today's market I must order anything I want with my name on it. Recently I was given the chance to review a company who produces personalized items such and children’s backpacks and tote bags. As a mother of three young children, school teacher and busy wife I decided I would review one of their personalized tote bags .

Happy Birthday to

No I'm not making this post for birthday wishes but because I am 30. :O) Today I am not really blogging today just enjoying my last day of vacation before we go back to work and school. How many of my parent readers are excited their kids go back tomorrow?? I am going to make myself an amazing Gluten Free feast today which I will post later. I made my very first New York Cheesecake last night with a recipe from my friend at My Side of Life you can find HERE . My journey to going gluten free has really taught me a lot of things in just a few short days. Mostly EVERYTHING I have that I love has After suffering a headache for months though I am on day 9 and it is GONE! I feel great and  am ready to take on 30 full force! Happy Sunday everyone watch some football, eat some food and hug the ones you love.

Borax the 20 Mule Team

Up until about a year ago I really had no idea what Borax was even used for. My mother never used it and I don't remember my grandparents ever using it but I thought wow it has been around forever it must be useful for something right?? I found out that it could be used to make homemade laundry soap and I tried it out. I now LOVE making my own laundry soap and with the help of Borax my laundry gets cleaner than any commercially bought soap I have ever bought. It helps fight stains, removes odors and softens your hard water so that your clothing lasts longer. The best part to me is that Borax and their 20 Mule Team are all natural. I you are interested in starting to make your own laundry soap you can check out the recipe for liquid soap HERE and powdered soap HERE. Not only will you have a better clean but you will save money in the process. *I received the above mention products in order to write this review. As a PurexInsider I only write about the products which I sup

Dial Holiday Hand Soap

 With the flu season fast upon us nothing is more important the proper hygiene to ward off all of those germs. In fact did you know that washing your hands properly can help prevent everything from the flu to eye infections! This holiday season my family is staying healthier by washing with Dial Foaming Hand Soap . Although I am still a little torn on the foaming part I love dial products so I thought huh why not :). We found some adorable holiday designs and put one next to every sink. I was quite shocked to see that my kids actually loved to wash more with the foam versus with regular bar soap. The smell was great, the look was great and most importantly we have avoided any serious sickness so far this season. As the flu dies down we will continue to scrub our hands clean with the help of Dial. *I received the above mentioned products in order to write this review from being a PurexInsider. Regardless all opinions are that of my own and were in no way influenced*

Think About It Thursday?!?

Any Thoughts??Click to make larger ;O)

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Giveaway Link Up

Happy New Year! <a href=" "><img alt="Tots and Me" src="" border="0" alt="num2"></a> Welcome to Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up with your hosts Karen @ Tots and Me  and Emily @ Emily Reviews