Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for the things I can't explain. I have mentioned before that my middle son struggles in life. We have known since he was a baby that something was wrong and he has many tests done. After nearly 8 years we had resorted to testing for learning disabilities(from the urging and support of a teacher) because it seemed nothing else was wrong, yet he has poor skin, is always tired, does very poorly in school. Out of the blue I got a call from a Neurologist saying he had a referral for my son to have an EEG and it needed to be done as soon as we could. It was scheduled for the next day and we went in. Just a few minutes into the test the doctor stopped and without saying a word began making calls. I am not sure I will ever get the look on his face out of my head. A doctor with 25 years of experience looked scared...I cannot put it any other way. He took about 30 minutes explaining to me what the tests showed and what we would need next. Last night I found out that my son is having seizures, not physical like you think of a seizure but inside his head. He has been doing it for 8 years with no one ever suggesting even the thought of it. I'm not sure why that doctor decided we need one since we hadn't been to the doctor in months but I am thankful for a step towards an answer. We will be hopefully having a CT scan on Friday and then be able to start a treatment plan. For the first time in his life my son may be able to function like a normal child!


It is always nice to have a step in the right direction. My son always had issues with turning blue and not breathing. If he was upset and cried to hard we ended up in the er and I had to do CPR. He chipped his tooth one day and had to get a referral for the dentist. The doctor was checking him over and just stopped and looked at me and said - "you need to get him to All Children's now to see a cardiologist" Like you I will never forget the look on his face or any moment there after. He ended up with heart surgery a few weeks later and after that everything with him was perfectly normal. It is such a relief as a parent to start getting answers to all the questions. Good luck with you and your son.
Alaina Bullock said…
I am so happy you have finally got somewhat of an answer! Now may the healing begin! Good luck to your and yours! You will be in my prayers!
Melinda Dunne said…
I am sorry to hear that but also glad you are finally getting answers. I can't imagine how your son must feel.
rj7777 said…
I had a son who was in a near drowning while visiting his grandparents. I took care of him for 18 years until he died. He had severe spastic quadraplegia and cerebral palsy. I know it is hard to have something wrong but try to be thankful now that they know they can work on his problems. I would talk to you anytime if you want. I hope things go well. Just remember if you don't understand something or if something doesn't sound right speak up!! Ask questions and be direct and forward with everything. You are his advocate. Take care and rest yourself and take one thing at a time. Rita Spratlen
Mellissa Hanks said…
So glad he got some relief thank you for your well wishes :O)
Mellissa Hanks said…
So sorry for your loss, I really appreciate the support :O)

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