Talk About It Tuesday

We have all seen and heard about the tragedy of Sandy Hook. Nothing will ever explain why a human would take the lives of children. How are you feeling about this tragedy?? Have the schools in your area done anything different since this tragedy?? What do you wish would be done in your area to keep people safe??


That is a heavy topic and to be honest I have tried several times to write about it and have yet to be able to see clearly enough to know what is coming out. I do not know what our schools are doing, my youngest is too young yet and my oldest is in high school which is not secure enough for me (sorry I am a mom and complete lock down with guards would be nice, just not possible). Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about preventing these things if you want to live and try to enjoy life. The only chance you have is when someone that knows the person recognizes signs that something is not okay and steps up to do something. It was such a horrible tragedy and I am still praying for the families that are suffering because of it.

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