Rock 'N Learn Sight Words Volume 1

If you have children in school you probably know what Sight Words are. The problem is that the English language can be pretty tricky and they are called sight words for a reason. Being the the most commonly used words children are often expected to know what they are on sight and not have to sound them out. Rock 'N Learn has created a fun and exciting way to get those words programmed into your child's mind. Taught best in context Rock 'N Learn Sight Words Volume 1 not only shows the words but it also show pictures and phases that help a child to understand exactly what is meant by that word.
As a mother of 3 children who all need to know or are learning their sight words this DVD has been an enjoyful help. Rock 'N Learn really keeps my kids entertained and engaged in learning the entire time. The video was 50 minutes long which I put on for my kids while I was cooking dinner several times this week. I really believe repetition is the key with these videos. After 5 days of watching it my 5 year old has already started to point out words and be able to tell me what they are. I am hoping it will also really help my 7 year old who struggles with learning disabilities. My kids have really enjoyed watching this video and put it on when they get home now instead of watching cartoons. I plan on taking it to school this week to use with some of my students who are struggling. Of course all the students will be watching and if just one child can thrive with it then it was worth it. Here is  a demo of this great video.

Rock 'N Learn also has a more advanced Sight Words Volume 2 and you can buy them as a set. Make sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for a great promotional deal. Just in time for Christmas Rock 'N Learn is offering my readers 25% off at with coupon code JQ7711. Also make sure to enter our Big Christmas Giveaway for a chance to win a copy of your own! This would make the perfect gift for any teacher or young child.

**The above mentioned products were provided to me free of charge in order to write this review. All views expressed are that of my own and were in no way influenced.**


Jo Steph said…
My kids love Rock N Learn! Such fun videos!
We have one of the Rock N Learn DVD's, my son loves it, he still grabs pencil and paper to sit and try to write the letters as it plays.
Angie Harris said…
Wow great post! Thank for sharing such great products!
Melinda Dunne said…
Oh gosh that is so cute. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for posting.

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