Creative Bioscience Final Results and Giveaway!

If you have been following my blog 3 months ago I started an amazing weightloss challenge from Creative Bioscience. If you are a new fan you can read about the challenge HERE and read my previous update HERE. The last 6 weeks have been a struggle with sickness and work but I have maintained this challenge I am so glad I have. I have really seen a noticeable difference in not only the way I look, but the way I feel. Taking the hcg Zero Capsules have been about the only real change in my life.Although the last week I have been regularly working out to, but even that is minimal :O) So anyways the RESULTS! Since I am sure everyone is here to know if it actually works, I am here to tell you that is DOES. Over the course of my 90 day challenge I have lost just over 8 pounds! Best part is that it is a slow steady weight not a rapid weightloss which really gives me confidence that I will indeed be able to maintain this weight. I am slowly  making other changes in my life to make sure of this! If you read the previous posts you know that at the end of my challenge the people at Creative Bioscience have offered up a 90 day supply of hcg Zero Capsules to one of my readers! So please make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter options below for you chance to win!

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Melinda Dunne said…
Wow that sounds like a great product. I hate it when life gets in the way of my weight loss plan. Congratulations for sticking it out and losing weight.
latanya t said…
exercising. Congratulations on the weight loss.
I cleared all unhealthy food out of my cabinets. I also started walking three times a week. Congrats on your success so far, especially with being sick, it is hard to stick to anything when you do not feel well.
Alaina Bullock said…
I would love to try this and lose some weight! Congrats on yours! That is awesome!
karenmed409 said…
No more fast food when we are in a hurry, I try to plan ahead for a heathy meal
i have been trying to work out longer for more days during the week.
Dalynn McCoy said…
We are changing how we eat, and largely watching portion control. Also when the weather permits we're walking as a family!

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