Tummy Tuck Belt

I know I have mentioned many times how much I do not love the way my stomach looks. After 3 kids and a life time of not eating right it had gotten, well, and little fat, wrinkled and crinkled. Over the last couple months I have been trying to work hard on not only my eating habits but my exercise habits. While I am still a work in progress I have added something new to my routine. The Tummy Tuck Belt can not only give an instantly slimming look but with the thermal accelerator and brief exercise video results can come even faster.
 I have been using this system for about a month now and have lost 1/2 inch off my waist line. Now I knew it would not be a miracle cure and no 1/2 inch is not a huge amount. What I love more is the way the TEXTURE of my skin has changed. I mentioned earlier how lumpy and bumpy my stomach was. While it is far from perfect I can see a  major change so far. I have probably another month left of the thermal accelerating cream and as my waistline looks better daily I cannot wait to see how much better it gets. I did try the instantly slimming look as well but my pants kept sliding down.lol soooo....I gave up on that look ;o) I guess when I get to that point I will have to go shopping. Bummer right...lol The only "problem" I saw was getting it off.lol but as the fat gets smaller this will get easier haha.
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*I received the above mentioned products in order to write this review. All views expressed were those of my own and were in no way influenced**


Melinda Dunne said…
This sounds like a product I could benefit from using. I need all the help I can get. I hope you do a follow up post. I would love to hear the final results.
Mellissa Hanks said…
I will make sure to :O)
I could really use that. I love that it has neutral colors so you can wear it under anything.

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