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Thankful Thursday

I spent all day knowing just what I would write today. I'm so thankful for this job which I have been given. I'm a mom and a wife and now every day get the chance to change so many children's lives. What I am thankful for today though is so much more. I'm thankful for teachers who care. I'm not talking about myself I am talking about the people I work with and the people who my children come in contact with. My middle son has always been a special child. Not in a bad way though he is amazingly sweet and even at almost 8 still loves to cuddle with mommy. This school year has been very difficult for him though. A constant struggle in one of his classes it has taken a toll. Yesterday afternoon I receieved a call that no mom wants to get. His librarian called to tell me how depressed he seemed at school and what a struggle it has been seeing him hurt on the inside. See after 4 wonderful years even though he had not been a student at the school she had seen his face. The ups and downs in his life. She told me then she had never seen him hurt this bad. While I was crying I realized what an amazing woman she was to not only notice that but to take 15 minutes of her evening and express her concern. She could have just gone home and let it go but she cared. For that this week I am thankful. Now my son is getting some treatment and care that I may have been to late for without her. :O)


Unknown said…
My kids have wonderful teaching! So an important, giving profession.
Anonymous said…
That is great that she cared enough to pick up the phone and alert you. So many people live by the attitude of they pay me from 9 to 5 and that is it. It is nice to think someone caring for a child is not that way.
Melinda Dunne said…
It is incredible to come across educators that actually care about children. It really makes a difference overall in a child's life with their experiences in school. I understand your pain as a mother as we all want our children to be happy and thriving.It is good that you are looking into the situation.I am sure it will get better.
Unknown said…
It is such a rare thing these days to come across a teacher who really cares (unfortunately). I am not saying they are not out there, but it is getting fewer and further between quickly, and that is so sad! I am glad she took the time out of her life to express her concern, that is a great thing! It will get better for you and your son!
Congrats on your job and loving it so much ! You are lucky to have a job you love, so many people work just to work cuz they have to !
MommaSess said…
It touches my heart to see that good people really do still exist. Especially in the school system where there are a lot of teachers that are grumps. <3

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