Newman's Own Organics

As a newly working mom I unfortunately just DON'T have them time to make the goodies I use to during the week. So when it came to snacks for my family, there were a lot of things that I have had to change. When shopping at the store though it is frightening what is in our foods these days. Recently I was given the chance to review a company that really just does things differently. Newman's Own Organics produces an entire line of products that are not only delicious but free from dyes and chemical preservatives. While it has taken us a month we have finally made it through nearly all of the amazing products we were sent and I am pretty amazed to see what my children's favorites were. While we had many "candy" treats in our box in the form of licorice my oldest child fell in love with the Fig Newmans. My middle son really loved the Pretzel Thins (which didn't surprise me as much since he loves and my youngest really loved the Berry Blend. I'm a creature of habit I suppose I LOVED the Newman O's, which are so much like my favorite cookie but available in several different flavors. Mint Newman O's were the best to me ;o) and my husband is weird and doesn't enjoy snacks like we do.

 My 4 legged friends also got to try out some new products. Newman's Own has a great line of pet products which include dry food, canned food and treats for both dogs and cats. We started sampling these products about the time that our little Sparky was starting to recover from Parvo. Newman's Own was the first food product that he would eat. After 7 days with no food I was desperate(I was going to wait till he recovered) so I gave him a couple pieces and he thought it was amazing. He has never wanted to eat his old dog food again!
Newman's Own Organics is available in stores around the country, even in my tiny town. To find a retailer near you simply go HERE and enter your information. Remember you only feel as good as the products you put in your body!
 **I received the above mentioned products in order to help facilitate this review. Regardless all views expressed are those of my own and were in no way influenced**


Julia Potvin said…
Love Newms Own Organic's, who knew Organic would make the flavors so much better!!
Mellissa Hanks said…
They really are so much better!
MamaBreak said…
I love fast, easy food and snacks!
I love all the healthier snacks that I am seeing. They definitely taste a lot better than I remember!!
Melinda Dunne said…
I LOVE the Hermits the most but they are great products.

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