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Antique Drop Pearl Pendant Bib Necklace
I must admit most of my life being "girly" wasn't really my thing.lol In the last couple of years I have slowly started to finally get into jewelry and I am really starting to fall in love! Recently I learned about a new company called Favordeal.com. Being new to jewelry and admitting I don't always wear it, it is not something that I am willing to spend an arm and a leg on! Favor Deal gives me the option to find a piece of jewelry for just about every occasion and outfit. I picked out 3 pieces from their collection to review and share with you. First was the Antique Drop Pin Pearl Pendent Bib Necklace.
Now I don't yet have an outfit to go with this but I really liked it.lol So that it was I went with for my first item.For only $5.59 how could you go wrong?? It is very sturdy and hangs really well. My next piece was the Old Fashion Black Flower Bangle Bracelet, I must admit out of the three pieces I selected this one is by far my favorite. Well fitting, it is made of very solid material. The only real worry I have with this piece is the elastic material that holds it together. With 3 kids I really hope it doesn't get snapped.lol However it could be easily fixed if it did :O) In my opinion this piece is well worth the $5.75 they ask for it.
The third and final piece I picked was the Vintage Costume Jewelry Multi-color Star Ladies' Chic Stud Earrings. Now I have yet to convince my daughter to wear these.lol But I put them on and are kind of cute. Now obviously they are designed for a younger audience to me but like the other two products they are very well made and they did not bother my ears. Again at a very reasonable $6.29 they are a nice addition to any ear.
Favordeal.com has a great deal going on right now. FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER OVER $15 PLUS YOU CAN GET 10% OFF USING THE CODE widfa at checkout :O)
There will also be a great prize added to our BIG CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Which starts on the 20th of October! Make sure to check Favordeal out on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!

**I received these products in order to write a complete and honest review all views expressed are that of my own and were in no way influenced**


Michele D said…
Oh I love it! Vintage Jewelry is so pretty. My mother would love those earrings. The best part is that the price is reasonable and that works for me. Thank you for sharing.
Melinda Dunne said…
My favorite piece is the bracelet! I love it! I also love the reasonable prices and selection.
Very nice pieces you picked out. Nice jewelry for a affordable price.
Jo Steph said…
I love jewelry! Looks like a great place to shop!
I love that necklace, the others are great too, but I really want the necklace. They have great prices.

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