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Wordless Wednesday

Happy Halloween With Mike and Ike

With Halloween tomorrow there is one thing on every child & child at hearts mind............CANDY! Let's face it we all have a favorite candy that is no question. Well today I have a chance to share with you one of MY favorites. Mike and Ike is a brand that I'm sure everyone has heard of, but how do you choose which box to buy?? The grape?? The Original fruits?? Berry Blast?? Aaaahhhh!!! Well that is why I love this box the My Mummy's Mix has ALL my favorite flavors in one box WOOHOO!  Now I have some very sad new to announce, in case you have yet to hear Mike and Ike are splitting up :*(.  Yes, yes it is very very sad but like every parent, we all have a favorite ;o) you can head to Facebook NOW and vote for your favorite. Don't worry you can also vote to reunite them! Don't miss out on bringing your favorite to the shelves. You have probably already noticed the different packages on shelves near you. Remember stay safe this Halloween and eat lot

Tuesday Giveaway Link up

<a href=" "><img alt="Tots and Me" src="" border="0" alt="num2"></a> Welcome to Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up with your hosts Karen @ Tots and Me  and Emily @ Emily Reviews Our co-hosts this week are  Ashley from  Forgetful Momma-Bottles, Diapers...Babies    and  Mellissa from  Something Like Life . This link up will be posted Monday at 7 PM est. and run all week long! Make sure you stop in as often as you can to list your latest giveaways.

R.L. Stine's The Haungting Hour....What Team Are You On??

A few month back our cable provider added a channel that we have really fell in love with. The Hub has shows that all of my children love, from My Little Ponies to The Haunting Hour . Recently I was given the chance to host an awesome party for my son and some of his friends.   


I'm sure most of you don't know this but 5 years ago when I had   my daughter something happened with my hormones and hers and ever since I have had severe kidney pain, some days no matter what I do. Recently I was given the chance to review a product that admittedly is not stated to "cure" anything but I figured with a chance to even help, it was worth the review. I review two great product from Cystex, yep giving away already that I though they were great ;o). New Cystex  Liquid Cranberry Complex was fast and easy to take. 1 Tablespoon daily was far better then the 4+ cups of cranberry juice, not to mention the 8+ cups of water I had to drink to kinda take away the pain. The first week I also used Cystex Plus several times. These are Urinary pain relief tablets that can be taken 3 times a day to help relieve the pain associated with UTIs.  The first week was the worst for me. As I mentioned I had been drinking TONS of cranberry juice and water to help

Uglee Pen Review and Giveaway

Well by now we all know how obsessed I am with So of course every chance I get to review a new and different pen I am all over it ;o) The Uglee Pen is more then just an ugly pen (it isn't really ugly just different looking). It has an ergonomic design which provides comfort and ease of use to most any person. Now I must admit I took this pen out of the package and thought...ummmm.....this pen is kind weird. With a gel type pen grip covering about 2/3 of the pen the feel was a bit hard to get use to. It really wrote well though so I continued to use it and now I don't notice the feel of the pen. It is comfortable to hold and very light weight. Designed by Dr.James Lee a lot of thought went into designing a pen that could not only help adults who may suffer from the pain of constant writing with a traditional pen. This pen has also seen many uses in children with Autism, Juvenile Arthritis and more. You can read more about this on their blog which can be found HER

Parnevu Hair Care

 I think all my readers to this point this I just have major image Really the sad truth is I spent 29 years not caring properly for most of my self. I have been working on finding things that are the best for me. This really means experimenting. Recently I was given the chance to review 3 great hair care products from Parnevu Hair Care . Now when I said I would review it I wasn't aware it was a product more specifically designed for a courser hair of Africa Americans but ehhhh....nothing else had worked so why not give it a I hated to let such a sweet company down and not provide a review. Now for my review I received Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo which I actually was pretty excited about. I knew that T-Tree could be very healing and my scalp is always very very itchy. It took away the itch really well, but let my hair feeling to course. However my husband REALLY REALLY likes it, you see he is a welder and well, his hair gets really really gross. This shampoo was ve

Thankful Thursday

As I sit here sick AGAIN I really try to put a positive spin on things. While I might have a cold and not really be able to talk, all in all I am a healthy happy person. I have children who love me, a husband that works his tail off to give us a great life. Plus no matter how bad my day is my students will always greet me with a smile :O) If that isn't enough I have proof that there are still good people in the world. Recently I learned about a video made by Kevin Love and Larry Fitzgerald. In case you didn't know it is breast cancer awareness month well they are donating 25 cents for every share this video gets. Whether it is on Facebook or Twitter please take the time to click the links and maybe together we can help save the lives of many women. SHARE ON FACEBOOK   RETWEET ON TWITTER

Wordless Wednesday

Tummy Tuck Belt

I know I have mentioned many times how much I do not love the way my stomach looks. After 3 kids and a life time of not eating right it had gotten, well, and little fat, wrinkled and crinkled. Over the last couple months I have been trying to work hard on not only my eating habits but my exercise habits. While I am still a work in progress I have added something new to my routine. The Tummy Tuck Belt can not only give an instantly slimming look but with the thermal accelerator and brief exercise video results can come even faster.  I have been using this system for about a month now and have lost 1/2 inch off my waist line. Now I knew it would not be a miracle cure and no 1/2 inch is not a huge amount. What I love more is the way the TEXTURE of my skin has changed. I mentioned earlier how lumpy and bumpy my stomach was. While it is far from perfect I can see a  major change so far. I have probably another month left of the thermal accelerating cream and as my waistline looks better

Flat Iron Experts

I know I have mentioned before that as I get older I have become more "girly" and well finally realized my hair was a BIG part of my looks. I had purchased last year a cheap name brand straightener from my local Walmart (oh yes I did *hangs head in shame*) I struggled to really develop that nice straight look. Well now I understand you really get what you pay for when it comes to hair Recently I was given the  chance to review a great group of products from the Flat Iron Experts and it has made all the difference in my hair. My new favorite tool is the Cortex Solo 450 Titanium Giraffe Flat Iron/Hair Straightener (1") . With adjustable heat settings up to 450 degrees I am able to make sure that I have enough heat to get the straightest look but I don't completely fry my hair Which yes I have managed to do with other irons.It also includes: Na no Titanium Technology : which provides lightweight strength as well as a super hard, smooth surf


I know, I know, I have been teasing about this giveaway for 3 weeks now and guess what it is finally TIME! We have had an amazing response from sponsors looking to help our fans have an amazing holiday season. I am pleased to bring you, with the help of My Side of Life this great list of prizes: ** Whitening Lightning       ~Dial a Smile ($399 value)       ~Brow Bar to go ($42 value)       ~Super Booster Pen ($79) Value)       ~Lip Gloss ($38 value)   ** Zee Bra        ~Bra ($40 Value)  ** Giant Microbes       ~Christmas gift pack ($25 Value)  ** Rock N Learn       ~Sight Words Level 1($20 value)  ** Elite Serum        ~1 tube ($90 value)  **       ~3 items from select list To enter all you have to do it use the Rafflecopter below and select which entries you would like to earn. Come back daily for additional entries and don't forget to visit our sponsors by clicking on the prizes above! Giveaway will run from October 21st-November 21st! a Raff

Rock 'N Learn Sight Words Volume 1

If you have children in school you probably know what Sight Words are. The problem is that the English language can be pretty tricky and they are called sight words for a reason. Being the the most commonly used words children are often expected to know what they are on sight and not have to sound them out. Rock 'N Learn has created a fun and exciting way to get those words programmed into your child's mind. Taught best in context Rock 'N Learn Sight Words Volume 1 not only shows the words but it also show pictures and phases that help a child to understand exactly what is meant by that word. As a mother of 3 children who all need to know or are learning their sight words this DVD has been an enjoyful help. Rock 'N Learn really keeps my kids entertained and engaged in learning the entire time. The video was 50 minutes long which I put on for my kids while I was cooking dinner several times this week. I really believe repetition is the key with these videos. After 5

Hair Thingz

Now I think I have admitted before that I am not exactly a girly type of girl. My daughter is 5 however and every day the amount of girly in her grow more and more! So lately I have been doing many reviews for product geared towards girls. Hair Thingz is a product that to me was just so new and inventive that I had to give it a shot! Designed by parents for their own kids I figured huh maybe it is a good product! After all they aren't just out for money ;o) now when I received these in the mail it was like handing a man a pile of laundry and asking him to wash So I headed to their website for some ideas and well instructions(yes I was lost on how to use them, and yes I probably would have hurt Slowly I am getting use to how to use them and my daughter is starting to look less homeless as I put them They come in many different colors and would be great for school spirit week. I even dared to cut one in half like it showed since my daughter has


 Cellular therapy is a newly developed strategy to correct skin concerns, by stimulating stem cells while respecting natural skin balances. d r. a dam-P ARIS offers preventative and anti-aging care while maintaining a hypo-allergenic state.  Why dr.adam-PARIS? A nutritional approach to fulfill the needs of the largest organ, stimulate stem cell enhancement, and reduce lines and wrinkles. Developed under stringent protocols; proven efficacious. There is no minimum order and we hand select the product’s most suitable to “anchor” treatments that center around each individual client. Priced so service can be bundled with product to increase repeat business, compliance, and satisfaction as a result of the efficacy and proven change in appearance, skin comfort, and vitality.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Giveaway Link Up

<a href=" "><img alt="Tots and Me" src="" border="0" alt="num2"></a> Welcome to Tuesday's Giveaway Link Up with your hosts Karen @ Tots and Me  and Emily @ Emily Reviews Our co-hosts this week are  Ashley from  Forgetful Momma-Bottles, Diapers...Babies  and  Mellissa from  Something Like Life .

Five Finger Tees

Well all wear them....T-shirts! Why have the same shirt as everyone else though?? There are many companies with funny shirts, but the problem is they are only available in a select number of sizes and usually just one color! Five Finger Tees is out to change that! Not only is there a HUGE selection of funny shirts but you can also select blank shirts for only $4.99 in nearly every color and every size for both men AND women.

Zee Bra

 Unfortunately I am one of those people who were just not blessed when I developed breasts. If you are a small chested woman you know what I am talking Finding a comfortably flattering bra can be quite a task. I am not quite a 34A and well training bras are not made for adults now are they ;o) This is were the Zee Bra came in! Designed Especially for small breasted women it is available in 30(AA/A)-36(AA/A) and is made of  a SUPER soft material. The first time I put it on I was so shocked how silky it was and so much more comfortable then any other bra I had worn before. It came with removable pads to help give you that filling in case you are like me and have such small breasts you need After several washes and wears it has really held up and kept the great quality and softness. With a handy measuring guide you are sure to find the right size for you! If you are a small breasted woman make sure to come back for our Big Christmas Giveaway to have a chance to win

Newman's Own Organics

As a newly wo rking mom I unfortunately just DON'T have them time to make the goodies I use to during the week. So when it came to snack s for my family, there were a lot of things that I have had to change. W hen shopping at the store though it is frightening what is in our foods these days. Recently I was given the chance to review a company that really just does things differently. Newman's Own Organics produces an entire line o f products that are not only delicious but free from dyes and chemical preservatives . While it has taken us a month we have finally made it through nearly all of the amazing products we were sent and I am pretty amaz ed to see what my children's favorites were. While we had many "candy " treats in our box in the form of licorice my oldest child fell in love with the Fig Newmans . My middle son really loved the Pretzel Thins (which didn't surprise me as much since he loves and my youngest really loved the Berry Bl

A Little Life Update

Wow it has just been so busy around here. I can't believe how fast christmas is coming with so much planning left to do. Our big giveaway will be here soon and you will want to check that out. My oldest turned 10 today and my baby 5 last week. I do have some sad news to report :( our chickens are now down to one. Last week a stray animal dug in and killed one and almost the other. She is healing well I am happy to say :). We are out of town till Monday so I am writing this from the car. Isn't technology amazing! My son about had a heart attack when he learned we didn't even have computers at his well i hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe.

Wordless Wednesday

Vote For Fitness

Voting in the presidential election is is voting for your family's fitness. Exercise your child's right for fun-filled activities, gymnastics, sports and more.  Take advantage of one of these amazing offers and you'll be entered to win My Gym Free for a Year!     Enroll for 2 Months get the 3rd Month FREE!     Enroll for 4 Months get the 5th Month FREE Plus Free Lifetime Membership!     Enroll for 6 Months get 2 more months FREE Plus Free Lifetime Membership!     Enroll for 9 Months get 3 more months FREE Plus Free Lifetime Membership! Win My Gym FREE for a Year - plus a FREE Birthday Party aspx

Elite Eye Serum Review

Aging *sigh*.......we all do it whether we like it or Lets face it I am probably not alone when I look back on my younger years and think about all the ways that I should have taken care of myself. Growing up in a dry hot environment my skin is definitely one of those that I should have taken better care of. Now don't freak out on me when I say that I have never worn or owned makeup. So hiding those fine lines and dark circles are just not an option. Recently I was given a chance to review a product called Elite Serum . Elite Serum is a needle free alternative to botox and collagen injections. Specially designed for the delicate skin around your eyes it helps lift and firm skin, smooth out fine lines, lighten dark circles, and lessen puffiness.


  What is worse then trying to get a young child to eat?? If you are a parent you probably got the answer to this NOTHING! As a mom of three wonderful children I have come across about every situation possible when it comes to feeding children. It is the wrong color, this smells funny, this tastes funny.....what you know I am talking about. Well obviously nothing can fix those but I have found a way to make food FUN! Funbites is an inventive new way to help get your child to eat. I picked the heart shape cutter youngest is a girl and EVERYTHING is better if it is a heart right ;o). I have tried cutting everything from watermelon to peanut butter and jelly. The only real problem I found is my daughter likes heavy jelly and my bread broke and jelly squished out haha. I had her helping to cut it though and she just giggled. Having her help me really has not only made eating fun but preparing her food fun! At $12.99 this would make a great Christmas g

Giant Microbes- Merry Christmas Microbes

As most of my readers know by now I LOVE Well in case you didn't know yet we are a family of nerds so when the opportunity came around to check out Giant Microbes new Merry Christmas Microbes , I won't lie we all giggled and got excited. In fact when they came we proceeded to pick who would be which virus. These ornaments are well made and cutely labeled so you know just which disease you have hehe. What is more exciting then a virus you might ask?? A virus that is ready just in time for the holidays! I really just cannot wait to put these on my tree :O) I received the Christmas Tree shaped box and I think will complete my set with the Stocking set before Christmas ;O) Here is what disease you can get in each box! Jewelry

I must admit most of my life being "girly" wasn't really my In the last couple of years I have slowly started to finally get into jewelry and I am really starting to fall in love! Recently I learned about a new company called . Being new to jewelry and admitting I don't always wear it, it is not something that I am willing to spend an arm and a leg on! Favor Deal gives me the option to find a piece of jewelry for just about every occasion and outfit. I picked out 3 pieces from their collection to review and share with you. First was the Antique Drop Pin Pearl Pendent Bib Necklace .

Thankful Thursday

I spent all day knowing just what I would write today. I'm so thankful for this job which I have been given. I'm a mom and a wife and now every day get the chance to change so many children's lives. What I am thankful for today though is so much more. I'm thankful for teachers who care. I'm not talking about myself I am talking about the people I work with and the people who my children come in contact with. My middle son has always been a special child. Not in a bad way though he is amazingly sweet and even at almost 8 still loves to cuddle with mommy. This school year has been very difficult for him though. A constant struggle in one of his classes it has taken a toll. Yesterday afternoon I receieved a call that no mom wants to get. His librarian called to tell me how depressed he seemed at school and what a struggle it has been seeing him hurt on the inside. See after 4 wonderful years even though he had not been a student at the school she had seen his face. Th

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday Giveaway Link Up

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Raking In The Cash Giveawyay!

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