Whitening Lightning

It is no big secret that appearance is such an important thing in life. Whether you are working or simply going to the store, let's face it judgement is human nature. As you may know if you are a regular reader I recently started a new job. Well the week before I started I began this great review from Whitening Lightning as well. With the opportunity to improve not only the brightness of my smile but and a little shine to my appearance. 

The first product I began to review was the Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit. I have always wanted to get my teeth whitened, to me teeth are the biggest first impression a person can make on someone. As I get older and older my teeth began to get a little more and more dull. As a mother of 3 not only do I not have tons and tons of money to go into a dentist and get my teeth whitened, but I just do not have the TIME! With Dial A Smile I can whiten my teeth while I sit and watch my evening show, or if that isn't happening I can do dishes while whitening. Really with this great at home kit you can do it whenever and wherever you chose. This kit was super easy to use and while it cause my teeth to be temporarily sensitive my teeth did get 4 shades whiter in just 3 weeks.

The next product I reviewed was their Super Booster Pen. I have been using this for one week and started it after I finished my Dial A Smile kit. In 7 days I have lightened my smile 1 more shade :O) I am now at a shade 7 which is pretty light on the scale they lose I hope to get to a 1 before my pen is done!
The last product I know you have seen and probably giggled about. I know my husband thinks it is silly but I actually have really fallen in love with my Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss. My husband keeps asking why it is lighted and I won't lie I wondered that in the beginning as well. Now obviously despite the deep blonde roots I have I know exactly where my lips are.  However this light and the little mirror on the side are a perfect combo to make sure I am fully coated and looking good ;o). The reason I really love this lip gloss is not for the mirror and light though! I love the way my lips look and feel not only when I put it on but throughout the day. I know it seems a bit pricey but after a month of daily use I still have a ton left which will certainly give me a long lasting product. While the offer last you can claim this great deal on my favorite product! Plus help fight for a cure as well :O)


This stuff looks interesting. It is nice that you can now have professional whitened teeth without having to go to the dentist.
jusmel said…
My husband needs his teeth whitened ! I was blessed lol mine have always been braces straight and white as can be, weird !!
Melinda Dunne said…
Great review! I love the lip gloss.
Jo Steph said…
Love it! I am such a sucker for new lip gloss!
Sasha Cory said…
I haven't tried their lip gloss yet but I do love their teeth whitening kit!
Julia Potvin said…
Both products sound awesome ! great review
MommaSess said…
I have always wanted to whiten my teeth, but I have super sensitive teeth. I envy those that can do this!!
Jesse said…
I think the pen would be great on the road, since I travel a lot and never find time. I will be looking into this.
Alaina Bullock said…
I would love to try this! I always wondered how well it might work! Especially since it is very expensive to have it done professionally!
Shayla Burks said…
I have sensitive teeth and couldn't ever make it through a home treatment. :(
I want some of the lipgloss, though. Sounds great!

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