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Soft Scrub Giveaway

Sometimes I feel like I talk about my toilet to much on here ;o) that is life though right?? Well we are not fixing it this time thank goodness. This time we are talking about scrubbing. Oh yes the dreaded stinky bathroom is one thing I cannot let happen in my house. With two young boys and a husband there is always that strong threat of the boy pee men don't roll your eyes at me. YOU may not smell it but all the moms and wives out there know just what I am talking about. Well Soft Scrub, a brand I already know and love, has a new product out that makes cleaning those hard to clean places even easier.
This new soft scrub total not only has a fairly pleasant scent that will not overwhelm you, it it has two spraying options. You can use it as a spray for those every day tasks like counter tops. Or you can switch it to a foam which is great for toilets, faucets, and shower walls. I personally have been loving the foam. The cleaner can stick and disinfect those icky spots instead of simply running off of them. Soft Scrub has been great enough to offer up coupons so that my readers can try them as well. After much thought I have decided that one reader will win 3 coupons for a free Soft Scrub Total product. So make sure to enter on the Rafflecopter Below. Also Soft Scrub if holding their Tough & Gentle Sweepstakes with $3,000 in prizes so make sure to enter HERE.
*I received the above mentioned products in order to write a complete and honest review. All views expressed are that of my own and were in no way influenced.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Angie said…
Ironically, cleaning the
karenmed409 said…
ironing the guys dress shirts and slacks
Terra H. said…
My least favorite chore is mopping floors. Thanks.
Renee Walters said…
My least favorite chore is dishes.
Daisys Reviews said…
i hate washing dishes
Tina Hite said…
Cleaning the toilet is the worst.
Barb K. said…
Has to be Toilet Bowl. Nat a favorite.
Patty Schuler said…
Scrubbing tile showers
Least favorite is cleaning the bathroom.
freddie said…
I hate cleaning the bathroom.
Brynn said…
cleaning the toilet
ellen_levickis said…
i am so tired of it and all i want to do is go to subway for all meals

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