Human Gear

As some of my long time readers may know we are a camping family. We love to be out in nature in our pop up camper. In fact we even have a new growing forum about camping all over America. Well when out on the road for 10 days at a time it is obviously a must that we have supplies on hand. Recently I had a chance to review a couple of products for a company called Human Gear. Founded in 2007 in San Fransisco, California they are out to make real gear for real humans. Currently they make 4 great products prefect for your travel needs. The GoToob I think is probably my favorite. Available in 3 different sizes it can hold anywhere from 1.25 ounce to 3 ounces and made of food grade silicone they are easy to squeeze. My favorite part is the moveable ring on the outside that allows you to select which product you have inside. I also had the chance to review both sizes of the GoTubb. With it's easy open design it can be opened with just one hand.
While the only thing I could think to use the small Tubb for was a daily vitamin supply and some spices after reading the suggested uses I have many more ideas now for these. These are not designed for liquids but are water resistant to help keep whatever you store a little safer. The big Tubb has been great for keep some small dog treats, medications, chopped onions and more. The other two products made by Human Gear are the GoCup and the CapCap. If you are interested in these products they can be found at many retailers both online and in stores. For a list of who is selling them you can head HERE.
**I received the above mentioned products in order to write a complete and honest review. All views are that of my own and were in no way influenced.**


Jo Steph said…
I love these little gadgets! They are perfect for throwing in items. Often when I am camping, I am not expecting to get wet . . . and always do! Thanks for sharing.
Mellissa Hanks said…
Exactly! Sometimes things You fall in the river or it starts to rain.
Julia Potvin said…
Great gadget, camping & rain always ends up going hand in hand, it seems. Also think these would be great in my atv pack for the times we get caught in rain...thnks for info!
That is a neat little gadget! I am a gadget person!
Mellissa Hanks said…
They would be great in an av pack.
Sasha Cory said…
Sounds like something we could use here.
These are neat! I would use them to put my jewelry in for traveling- small earrings, backs, rings, etc. if they fit!
Mellissa Hanks said…
Great ideas! See I don't think of those

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