Oasap High Street Fashion!

I recently found out about a great company called Oasap from a blogging friend of mine. Oasap.com is a high fashion clothing and accessory company that carries everything from shoes and handbags, to shirts and pants. As a blogger I was given the chance to review not only their great products but their service as well. I received a $40 credit in order to pick out products that I loved and tell my fans about them. I picked out two items a new wallet and a beautiful pair of earrings to go with my new little black dress.
I was in such dire need of a new wallet. I usually go with a small sized one but I thought this one was so cute! I am a butterfly persona ll the way, in fact I have several tattoos of them scattered about. Not only is this wallet fun and vibrant but it had so much more then my old wallet. I am just in love with it is every way.
These are my new earrings :O) while I bought them to wear them with my new little back dress they really go so well with just about anything. They are light weight so they will not drag down your ears, but they are very sturdy and will not become messed up easily.
If you are a blogger and would like to see if you can qualify to review their product make sure you take time to go and apply HERE. I know I know most of my amazing readers are not bloggers and that is ok to :O) Actually I refer you guys that way hehehe Oasap.com has so many great opportunities for you to. You can get 20% off your first order when you sign up and other credits can be earned as well, up to $50! So head over to Oasap.com and see what great products you like. Don't forget 1% of every paying order goes to help a child in need :O)

**I received the above mentioned products in order to write an honest review. All opinions are that of my own and were in no way influenced.**


Super cute! Love them!
What do you think of what I reviewed?: http://trendymomreviews.blogspot.com/2012/08/back-to-school-with-oasap.html

Tina said…
I love these, the wallet especially is adorable! :o)
Angie said…
I LOVE big earrings! Those are SUPER cute!!!
Angie said…
I LOVE big earrings! Those are SUPER cute!!!
Mellissa Hanks said…
LOVE those the peach one is on my wish list :O)
Mellissa Hanks said…
I have had my ears pierced for so long but only in the last 6 months have I fell in love with earrings!
Mellissa Hanks said…
I love the wallet! I can fit so much in it.lol
too cute! They have a lot of great stuff!
LisaLisa said…
Love them both, how cute!
jenzen69 said…
I absolutely love that purse!! I want to go shopping :)
charizma77 said…
Love the earrings!
Nice & Nice !! I love both, the wallet is so cute & I agree I could wear those earrings anytime...!
Melanie B said…
Cute little purse! I love the earrings too, I think the only thing I buy myself once in a great while is earrings :)
Anonymous said…
Very cute!

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